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Wiring Subwoofer into stock sound system


February 24, 2000
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I have a 1998 XLT with the in-dash CD player, but without a "stock" subwoofer (so it's not the "premium" sound system. I want to install a Bazooka powered subwoofer in the back. Does anyone know if the 1998 head unit has additional connections on the back to go to the sub (for sound, not power), and/or if this year has an amp (there seems to be some kind of unit on the LH side of the cargo area inside the storage cubby.

Or do I just splice into existing speaker wires for sound?


What I did in my 96 is splice into the rear left and right speaker lines that are located behind the passenger kickpanel. These lines go line-in to my amp. It works great and I kept it the same way with my new HU.

Thanks -did you have to use a wiring harness of some kind to convert speaker to line level? (I'm learning just enough to use jargon without a clue!)

Nope, my amp has provisions for both RCA inputs and direct inputs. Depends on the amp, I'd suggest getting one that's made to get a direct signal rather than messing with converters and such.