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wisekise's 1998 sport

here are some pics of my x before and after my new 15x8 us wheel daytona's and kuhmo 31/10.50 at's. prior to the wheel tire combo i replaced the flat mono spring with a 4dr leaf pack(major PITA) with an aal for 3" in the rear and a tor.twist for about 2-2 1/4" in the front. probably going to lower the tt some for ride quality. next up is some 8" lights on the bumper, removing the valence and installing new fogs in the bumper. also have a skid plate, and relocation of the hitch to behind the bumper, and sliders in the works but i'm not much of a welder:( so i gotta get some help on that. thanks to all the members for all the info and help:thumbsup: i'll post more pics as this never ending project:) progresses

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wisekise i cant see the pics of it you should go on photobucket.com

sorry, see if this works


yep those work nice sport u got there

did some searching and i can only find one before(pre-mod) pic
i'll post with a similar after pic


quite a difference huh:D

wise did u check out my 01 sport

yep sam, nice. how do ya like those pipes? i need a new set for mine. i've been thinking bout duals but i have a cargo platform for my hitch and after melting the corner of a cooler i realized if i did duals i would have to turn them straight down. maybe cut them in the lower part of the rear fender:D

busy 2 months

works been a PITA so to get away ive been workin alot on the x. the list goes-tps mod, throttle cable mod, installed 55w fogs, and i fabbed up some light brackets but took my my time herc'ing them and even more time wiring them up, and at the same time made a set of cb antenna brackets and lined them as well because my boss gave me a midland weather band/cb radio----so now i have to get a flag:D---w/ the cb he also gave me a 140w + a 300w inverter the smaller of which i flush mounted with some xtra 12v sockets in the center console-thanks evan :thumbsup: the 300w will go in the back above the jack compartment. soon to come-custom stealthbox, stealth amp/inverter and a roofrack lightbar, and looking at an on board air system and aussie rear for the obx:cool:
heres pics of the sport all lit up i'll work on getting pics on the rest



skid plate

finally got a chance to make my skid plate

and my cb ant. mount

with zukman's flag-good job, and thanks