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Witnessed an Accident: F150 Burned to the ground


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November 4, 2002
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97 Mountaineer V8 4x4
Driving home tonight on Rt 3 North I came upon a sight I've never seen before. In the breakdown lane was a rather large fire. The vehicles ahead of me stopped, I was roughly 7 cars back from the blaze, in the left lane. The truck was in the breakdown lane.

It must have just started, took a little bit of time before the State Troopers got there, even longer before the fire engines. I was so close, I called the State Police on my cell - they told me I was only the second person to call it in. :(

Traffic was stopped for about 30 min, I could see most of what happened. I think the driver was OK, never saw any ambulences leave the scene.

The truck looked like an early 90s F150, I've never seen anything like it in person. No glass, no tires, just charred sheat metal. The flames at their height must have been 20 feet into the air. Lots of smoke, putrid smelling air. Glad I wasn't in the open Jeep infront of me.

Just thought I'd share with eveyone, it kind of shook me up. I keep an extinguisher in the trunk - what if?

Be safe everyone!

I saw one of the camp trucks, a 70s F100 Explorer, burn to the ground. Boy was that thing a POS, bought for about $150. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did!

That sucks! Honestly though, if you have an extinguisher, doubt you could've done much. The only time an extinguisher will do much good is if you catch the blaze early, but once it starts up that exteinguisher wouldn't od much, especially the size that is typically taken in the vehicle, enough to put out a small fire and thats about it. Hopefully the owner got out safely.

I was driving down the freeway a while back with my friend Ashley, and as I passed on of the freeway exits, I saw a Ranger that was pulled into the emergency lane... I gave it a quick look as we drove by, I noticed a glow from within, but was going too fast to stop safely. I exited, circled back, and made it back just in time to see a police car pulling up. We pulled into an office building parking lot and watched the happenings. The police blcoked traffic, the fire trucks took FOREVER to get there, and they finally put out the flames. Quite a big fire... Noone was injured tho. The owner was out side before he even realized what was happening. Sucked to see it burn down though... Not long after that I started carrying a digi cam in the car for things like this... Seems Im always seeing somethin worth story telling later, and whats a story without pictures?!?

Glad everyone was ok...