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wonder what could be the cause of oil going to the 1st Cylinder


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January 31, 2007
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hey i was driving and i noticed white ish blue smoke comeing out of my exust i pulled the spark plug out of the first Cylinder there was all oil going to it and i checked it for compression and it has none at all 2nd one had around like 150ish What i did notice though was on the first Cylinder spark plug there was a lil peice of the lil metail end missing off and covered in oil soo i was wondering if anyone has any ideas cuz i pulled the head cover off 2 day and everything looked alright but theres oil in it like it pushing it up threw soo am not really sure whats going on i would apperate it if someone could help with any ideas and stuff thxs Ryan:salute:

hey welcome to the site. today @ school i was working on an S10 with a pushrod 4 banger. it had the same compression story. it turned out that it had a bent rod which turned the rocker arm so it was pushing on the spring insted of the vlave stem. in turn the spring broke loose from the valve and the valve dropped just enough to release all compression but not bend the valve. If this happened to you it could have possablly wore out the valve guide from not getting pushed strait in.

Long shot in the dark? yes.
Good luck

it could be your piston rings or valve guides. might also be that the cylinder is ovaled or has some deep scratches in it.