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won't start


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May 12, 2009
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michigan city
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1994 xlt
I have a1994 explorer xlt 4.0 l. engine.When I crank it to start, it fires once then wont fire again.It does this every time I try to start.If I crank it and hold it in the start position with the starter engaged, it will start and run until I let off the key.Any help would be appreciated.

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do you have a cel light on ? thinking maybe the if so the could be any number of things .what are the plugs and wires like ?

if the cel is on it maybe like how mine was when iwas trying to get mine to run .the tps was shot ( throttle postion sensor) and the the maf was gone ( mass air flow sensor) but yet again my plugs had about a 1/4 gap on them so getting the truck to fire off was a hit and mis problem .

i guess check the normal things :

maf ....if dirty...clean it
air filter .....replace if dirty
fuel filter ....which may be the case here also ;)...replace with new one
pcv valve....replace or clean if dirty
plugs and wires ....replace if bad and or worn
clogged fuel injectors ...other than takeing them out and replaceing them if bad you could try prestone fuel injector cleaner ( yellow drip shaped plastic bottle ) ....REALLY GOOD STUFF but pour it in a little less than what the directions say on the bottle (ex: one bottle for every 21-22 gallons..explorers only have a 19.5 i think )

lets us know what you find and good luck

btw... don't hold on to the starter and hold it on while the truck is in a semi-running state
............... not to good on your starter and flywheel teeth

cel is not on.maf is brand new,plugs and wires are new,air filter is new,fuel filter is a week old.

I used a halogen light and a hair dryer to heat up the ECM. When the ECM was warmed up the truck started.Ordered a reconditioned ECM from Autozone for $105.00.