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Won't start


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August 17, 2003
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I just bought a 1991 Explorer 4x4. It was missing when I got it. I rode it a little while(very little). This morning it wouldn't start. We checked it and couldn't hear the fuel pump running. So I went and bought a new one, put it on, tried to reset the switch and it still won't start. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be. Thanks

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Is it turning over and not starting.. or not turning over at all? You checked the battery, the battery cables, etc?

It turns over but it seems like it is not getting any power to the fuel pump

You can disconnect the main line at the engine and see if theres any pressure. If there is your fuel pump should be working.

It has no pressure on that line and the fuel pump doesn't run at all. There is a clicking sound coming from there but no humming.

What about the fuel reset switch? Is there gas? :)

There was gas in the tank when we put the new pump down in it. I tried to reset the switch but it doesn't act like it is doing anything at all. Could it be the computer gone down on it, How do I check that?

Is the fuel pump getting power? Sometimes the fuel pump relay (which feeds power to the pump) goes out. Along the same lines, be sure to check the ground to the fuel pump.

Thanks for your replys. It was the relay. It was completely corroded and burnt. Its now runnung Thanks again, Rhonda