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wood dash kit from performance products?


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February 6, 2001
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i just got my new catalog from perf. prods. and i see they have added some wood dash kits. i really wanna get one of these kits, but does anyone know anything about these particular ones?

one is from "sherwood dash" and claims to be real wood veneer, and in the pic it looks really good. i like the classic rosewood (i really want the carbon fiber with my white truck and grey fender flares, but i have tan leather interior - wouldnt look too good.)

the other one is from husky liners and looks a little cheesy and bit pricy.

if both these kits suck, where should i get one from?

any input guys?


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try making your own fiberglass dash kit. you can make it whatever color you want, or even change the shapes to make it look totally different.
just an idea.

heh, i dont have that much time on my hands :)

I can only vouch for the B&I wood kit that I have (Burlwood), looks great, no problems. Take a look at my website for pics.

Originally posted by Xplor
I got my molded burl wood dash from www.exoticwooddash.com Mines looks like sideswipe's truck.

Its probably the same company (B&I), I know exotic sells it cuz I almost bought mine there.

check out ebay. they usually have a lot of wood dash and cabon fiber kits for late model explorers.