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Wood Dash Kit

I finally got in my wood dash kit that I won on ebay. This is a real wood dash kit not a stick on one. Every piece had to be drilled to be set into place with the black screws that came with the kit. The install was easy and it really looks nice. Go to the bottom of my post here and hit my home page and the pictures are on page 2 of my home page. Let me know what you guys think of the new Dash kit. Thanks again for the input on my dash kit.:D

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That wood kit looks good, I like how you did the gauges too.

Thanks guys

Thanks for all the compliments on my ride, I really appreciate them

Originally posted by bigbadfred
I finally got in my wood dash kit that I won on ebay. This is a real wood dash kit not a stick on one. .:D

Hey you bid against me!!! No really! HAHAHA

Hey fred can you shoot me a pic so I can see the hood scoops close up. Maybe standing by the antenna that way I could see how it looks from the rear as well. Are those the Medium scoops? I was thinking the medium were too small. Are you happy with them?

Your dash looks sweet Fred,and you got a great deal on it:D

I just finished putting in my wood dash kit too! Mine has the molded face plates and are held on with 3M tape. I took a couple quick snap shots and put them on my home page, click on below. I need to polish the wood, it's got fingerprints all over it, and clean up inside, it's a mess.


Your wood dash looks real good and your truck looks real nice. Keep up the good work:D

explr1 - I like the look of that. Nice clean lines and high gloss. But what method are you using to hold your cell phone in. Can you post a picture showing this.


Thanks buddy and you will be able to see it in person the next time we meet sometime maybe in March or April buddy. Did your cousin finish up my airdam or is he still working on it. Brad, you have one bad ride yourself and I can't wait to see the new paint job. Take care and Happy New Year buddy.:D


If you click on my homepage at the bottom of my post you can see pics of my scoops and wood kit and yes, they are the medium scoops and the large scoops are way to big for an explorer. The big ones are for the pickup trucks and trucks like the Suburban or Expedition