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Worklog: 3 Beats 6 (Pics) NEW PICS ADDED

Originally posted by nweibley
This is an incredibly stupid question, but you did check to make sure the baskets of the 15s fit in those two side holes? The **** subs are pretty deep, and I know the mag on the 12"s is like 10" or something, just looking at the pics it looks like it will be tight.

I'm sure you've checked, I'm just wondering.

BTW: Your friend said he is getting HCs not MTs... you liar! ;)

The outer subs will bee inverted to show off those sexay x.. baskets

and my friend is getting neither MT's or HE's.. let's just say he's very good friends with the owner of RE and competes at A LOT of SPL/DBDrag events ;)

I'm not allowed to say what he's running yet per RE. Rest assured it will be nuts..

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Ohh please God... stop teasing me. Now I want to think they are XMXs. If so..... <jaw hits floor>
Cool on the inversion.

Tell me, are you in a frat?

yer friend gonna run some MEs? What kinda amp hmmm lets see...what has enough power to blow them up...maybe a nice JBL amp or Concept...or MTX or maybe even a german imported amp...hmmmm

Originally posted by nweibley
Ohh please God... stop teasing me. Now I want to think they are XMXs. If so..... <jaw hits floor>
Cool on the inversion.

Tell me, are you in a frat?

Well I'll let Shawn spill the beans when it's time about his subs.

As for me being in a Frat.. heheh nah, never pledged. Graduated from UF in 2000. I like to think I can party with my friends just as hard as a frat though ;)

FTP is back up. Time for more pics!
OK, not a world of change but it's down to the baby steps.
We Bondo'd some more, and sanded a lot more. I swear, if you don't have a DA Sander for glasswork, just quit. This thing is a lifesaver!

OK, here is Jeff showing the proper way to paint Primer full of MEK.. notice you lack of eye protection and mask. I'm sure Jeff's 3-eyed baby will still love him and call him daddy :p


and after almost a half gallon of filler-primer.. a little gloss shot while it kicks.


Oh and the blown DD 9515 is for sale as well :D

Jeff and Shawn will be working on some finishing sanding on Saturday, I'll be out there all day Sunday for PAINT time, and Monday Sahwn and I have to replace my dual 4 gauge runs with Ought Gauge.

If I hadn't said it yet publicly: Shawn & Jeff are just about the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I can't imagine 2 friends doing this much work for a system that isn't even in one of their vehicles. As long as ou can put up with Shawn's constant *****ing about why you should've done a wall and this would have been over 5 months ago, everything will turn out fine ;)

More pics to come.. it's the home stretch baby!

Another weekend down, and some more hurdles overcome.

We had some seriously windy/rainy weather this weekend which did not lend itself to getting this thing sanded/painted. I didn't want any stop in the progress so we decided to do some wiring instead.

I had dual runs of 4 gauge, but the general consensus was that it wouldn't be enough for the 5 amps I'll be running. In comes the ought gauge:


This is 1/0 flexible welding cable with a 4000 strand count :eek: Jeff had a ton from his old SPL setup and at 5 dollars a foot, he had lots to donate to charity..uhh.. I mean me ;) I'm in love with this stuff.

With the 2 batteries in the back, we decided to fuse/breaker EVERYTHING. Lets see, 300AMP wafer up front, 300 in rear, 3 x 200AMP Circuit breakers for the 1501D's, and a 200AMP Circuit Breaker for the 2 Mids and Highs amps. I think I'm covered ;)


We also did a little test fit of the subs in the enclosure. Here's Dan (left) and Shawn doing their best impression of being "hard"..or whatever :cool: I think it's going to come out great.


This week is sand/paint or bust. I'll keep you guys in the loop. Getting pumped!

Yummy! Next time you want ought gauge cable for $2.50 a foot that looks good, goto ;)

Other than that, holy cow, me likey, me wantey.

This welding cable has almost twice as many strands. I know because I put it next to my Stinger Ought and my Blue MA Audio Ought gauge. This stuff is the bomb. It's not cosmetically appeasing, but it does bend awesome and the jacket is good to 90 degrees Celsius, so I used it under the hood and for my Chassis to Block Ground run as well.

absolutely stunning looking:eek:

cant wait to see it in action:)

Hurry up and finish! That stuff looks amazing though! I was gonna ask how well you can see out the back with those inverted, but I realized it doesn't matter because it will be vibrating too much anyways.
Knukonceptz says their ought gauge has 5145 strands
and the Knu jacket is good from -40 to 105°C ;) :p

I'll let you know how it works out, I've got another customer lined up for some Mag D2s or a x.. (depending on when he hears the bimmer) in a few weekends :D

what is the total amount that you spent for all that???

I don't even want to think about it. What I DO know is that a shop would have charged at least 15k or so to do this. I'm glad I've been able to learn from Shwan and Jeff to keep the costs down with their labor and mine.

Very, very nice!

Keep us updated... this is just awesome.

typhoon: You're very lucky to have such talent a phone call away. If I lived closer to you, I'd volunteer to help, just to get the experience constructing such a piece.

I just noticed the table underneath your two friends holding up the almost finished product. The 3 subs alone would be 170.

I was expecting them to look a lot less happy holding it up :D

the mobile spec 0 gauge can be had for less than $2 a foot for the pro ice (wholesale). Not sure on the thread count, but its definitely higher than the knukoncepts product

OK, I hunted down the cable I used. It is McMaster Carr Vu-Tron UL Listed Stranded Welding cable in 4 ought. It has 5225 strand count. I'm not that worried about it. I know it will do the job, it's flexible as hell, and downright sexay :D

Just got confirmation.. we paint on Thursday. Getting closer!

ok... so this weekend... raid on typhoon's house.

Man that is looking good! Josh I'm still planning on calling and stopping by to check it out. Nice work.:eek: :thumbsup:

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so... 10 days till it's done or that perty explorer gets toasted :p - where are the pics?!: