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April 27, 2002
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Bridgewater, MA
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08' Civic SI FA5
As if there aren't enough of these stupid worklogs crowding the audio forum, I'm starting my own to note my progress for all who are interested.

Whats going in:

Panasonic MP3 Headunit
MB Quartz DSD213 Components (Front)
Infinity Kappa 5x7's (rear)
Alpine Flex4 amplifier (for door speakers)
2 JL 12w6's in a JL Powerwedge box (for now)
MTX 8100 mono amplifier (for subs)
7" Lilliput touchscreen, fiberglassed into radio bezel
P4 carputer with 2.8ghz and 200gb running off an inverter, compliments of Opus Solutions...
about 200sqft. of Fatmat Xtreme

I already have the equipment and am putting it in as time allows. Between being a fulltime college student and a fulltime associate at the local Home Dept, it might be a few weeks before I get finished.

This is going in a 97' Eddie Bauer with tan interior and green exterior. To get this accomplished I'll have to relocate the digital climate control somewhere (Im' hoping to fiberglass it into the glovebox, since I never use it and only turn on the air about once a month.) so I can install the headunit below the screen. I'd fiberglass a piece a la draft/expo for it, but I'd like to keep the factory computer in the console.

And so it begins...

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Today I'm finishing up the first layer of Fatmat and putting on the second layer then *hopefully* getting the drivers seat back in so I can actually drive this sucker around :bounce:


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got any pics of how you did the doors like that? i've already got mine apart and i have a good idea of how i'm gonna do it, but you might know a trick i'd only figure out after screwing it up once.

What about the doors? The suede part?

Haven't had much time to work on the X... I wish I could get it put back together because it's been stripped like this for over a month (through the whole Fatmat debacle). I've done 95% of the interior and am deciding whether to do the firewall behind the dashboard. What do you think, will this make very much of a difference?

I'm starting the screen insert in a spare bezel that I have. I had to cut part of the bottom ring out, but the sides were exactly the size they need to be so it saved me a lot of work.

The only problem I'm having now is that the antennae won't go up when I turn the car/radio on. It was supposedly bypassed along with the door speakers, but I can't get it to go up now that the factory amps are gone. Do I have to rewire the antennae?


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Fatmat is great stuff man. Good choice.
Looks like it's coming along well. Keep the pics coming!


this is me being totally jealous of your in dash tv :)

To get the antenna to work, you needed to keep a little (deck of cards) white box that was in with the factory amps. This controls the antenna. Without it, I'm not sure how you would make it go up and down.

Where are you putting the computer (the p4 one)? The inverter? Are you getting rid of the rear climate controls? Make sure to get plenty of construction pics =P

As for the computer in the console... I have the same thing as you - this summer I plan on taking the screen and buttons out so that I can make a taller console and then just mount the screen + buttons to that.

I thought all he had to do for the antenna was take the wire from the head unit marked power antenna and tap into the wire going to the antenna. Is there more to it than that?

yeah, i meant the suede part

Hmm... finally got time tonight and tomorrow to do some work. The car is mainly put back together, and I'm adding a 3rd (and maybe 4th) layer to the tailgate. My friend lent me his pair of MTX 9515 subs and JBL 1200.1 amp until he gets back from school in a few weeks, and the only place I'm getting rattles outside the car is the rear gate. I'm ready to cement that sucker... it's already stuffed with R-30 insulation and a good deal of "Great Stuff" foam expander.

Bottom Line: When I do the 98+ hatch swap over the summer, I'm switching to something more solid in there. If concrete is the only way... so be it.

Just finishing fiberglassing the glovebox for the digital climate controls (since I never use either anyway). Still need to paint it, but it looks ok IMHO for my first job, and a rather tricky one at that. (Pic below)

My 20's also arrived (pic below). They have a nice offset (+14) so they extend out and fill up the hugeass fenderflare, also giving a really nice wide stance. I still need tires before I can put them on. I'm thinking Goodyear GT2's because they're gotten pretty good reviews, and they're (more importantly) the least expensive tire I can find, at $135 per tire.

I'm also in the group buy for the EE rear sway bar. My car is FINALLY coming together :D


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I've never taken out the climate controls... do you have a pic of its connecting harness? and how about a pic of your gutted center console area.

looking good - I hope you dont have to concrete everything though...