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Worn limited slip causing shuddering?


September 2, 2008
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2002 Explorer 4.6 Limited
Just bought an 04 limited V8 explorer 4x4. I get a brief shuddering when turning and accelerating at low speeds or from a stop. Sometimes it will even shudder when backing up. I already changed the fluid in the rear diff and filled it using redline synthetic 75w140 which is supposed to have the friction modifier additive built in. Changing the fluid did not help at all. Should I try to add some more additive? Or do I just need to rebuild the limited slip? I'm not sure what is involved in replacing the limited slip, does that mean a new carrier or just a clutch pack? I looked at Randy's ring&pinion website and could only find bearings and shims....where are the clutch parts sold?

Sorry there are so many questions!


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June 14, 2010
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Quakertown, PA
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2001 Explorer Sport 4X4
Check your manual to be sure you put the right weight oil in, you can try some limit slip additive, if that doesn't help, it's rebuild time. It might only be clutches but some times if worn completely out the carrier can be damaged, no way to tell, till it is opened up.