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Worried about Body Lift Install


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December 11, 2001
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I have a '97 so I bought the kit for the Ranger 95-97 so I would get the correct steering extention. Well I'm finding out many of my parts are 98. Guages and center console.

Is there a chance the steering ext is going to be wrong?

If so where can I get one from ASAP?

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You should be fine with the 853 (95-97 Ranger) kit. The only thing that won't work is the front bumper brackets.


Front bumper brackets? I always read that the front bumper brackets are the ones that work and the rear bumper brackets are the ones that need to be fabbed? Or is this for the 883 kit for '98+ X's?

Dead Link Removed is a thread discussing the BL for a 97. It is a little confusing, but the info is there.

Both brackets need to be fabbed in the 853 kit. If you get the 883, both brackets should work (I hear).

tenikiwon.. can you get a pic of your stock steering shaft? Plus, I'm sending my bumper bracket design off to be plasma cut this on MOnday. When do you plan on doing the install?

Thus and Friday this week. I will use what I have at the time, to see if I can jimmy-rig it!