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Would a 94 A4LD work...


March 1, 2003
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88 BII & 93 EB Explorer
Would a 94 A4LD work in a Bronco II? I know the 94 A4LD has all the updates that covers all of the trannys previous problems. I am going to do a 4.0 swap in the near future but for the meantime I wanted to bring my tranny up to par sorta -speak. I have read both of the ATSG manuals and I noticed the 94 is the stronger of the A4LDs.
Is it possible to swap a 94 4.0 spec A4LD to 1988 Bronco II?
Is it possible to make a non 4.0 spec trans to a 4.0 spec tranny by swapping parts into the non 4.0 tranny?
Thank you!

Yes you can rebuild your old a4LD using 93 case center support parts and torrington bearings, and do all the other upgrades. There's a bunch.

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ps. do a search on rebuild the A4LD

That's great! That's music to my ears!!! So I have to use the 93 center support and ALL of the upgrades can be done? Thank you for the reply You just made my day!