Would ignition coils from 2006 4.6 3v work on a 2003 4.6 2v ? | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Would ignition coils from 2006 4.6 3v work on a 2003 4.6 2v ?


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November 16, 2007
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I am trying to help a friend who has 2003 explorer with 2 valve 4.6 and has P0300 and will probably need 8 new coils and sparkplugs. I have some old Motorcraft working coils from my 4.6 3v. If I used his boots (I know not recommended) do you think if just the coil part would work ?

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It does work but the plug aims a different direction making the wiring harness tight on some. Can't tell you how many times I've seen 2v and 3v coils mixed.

I recommend keeping them the way they came though to avoid extra issues.

Thanks BX

What do you mean by "I recommend keeping them the way they came though to avoid extra issues" ?

Keep 2v stuff with 2v engines and 3v with 3v. Granted they will swap in a pinch they can cause issues with the plug routing.

Thanks BX

I hear you, this is just a stop gap solution to see if there are any other problems. He was driving home on Friday, and the car just fell on its nose, slowed down to 10 mph, the tranny went to limp mode. I scanned it and the only error was P0300. He towed it to a shop but I am afraid they will want several hundred bucks just to start with those ignition components to get that code out of the way. And he is at the point where it may not pay to dump more money into that thing. So this is more of a diagnostic step rather than long term solution.

PS: BX - I was hoping you'd respond to this :), thanks again.

You'd have to loose 2 or more coils to fall on its face to not make it past 10mph. Is it an electronic throttle body truck? (03 v8 comes both cable and drive by wire depending on build date)

Fuel pressure would be my next check along with a major vacuum leak. Both would cause the po300 but not give a specific cylinder missfire code.

It's an 03/03 built so late, probably by wire. It starts just fine, but shakes and the exhaust smells like unburnt fuel so definitely missing spark. When you put the tranny in any gear, it's shaking as not firing all 8.

PL, I’m going to check in my garage today. I never owned that generation with 4.6 2 valve, but I have a box of spare coils somewhere and probably have a few of those. If I find it you’re welcome to take them, I’m not far from you, only 1 mile off route 17 in Bergen County. I’ll let u know

Thank Mike-

that's very kind of you. I am still waiting to hear from my friend what he decided to do, he was waiting for a call from his mechanic. I'll keep you posted, and take you up on the offer if needed.

PS: I love Rt 17 around 6 pm going home LOL. I probably add few miles but sometimes I jump on GSP from Rt 80 if possible to avoid 17.

I hope your friend doesn’t need them, because after looking through the box, it was mostly GM coil’s, and the only ford parts were a pair of the coil packs that would go on a 4.0 L V6 Explorer

Still waiting to hear from him. I hope he did not scrap the whole car.

Update -

3 dead coils and clogged cat.

I wonder if the dead coils sent unburnt fuel down and killed the cat.

New coils and new cat and the truck is running.

Very likely cause and effect. Were the three dead coils on the same side?

3 coils don't just die at once. Tell your friend he needs to go WOT more often.