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Would this be a U-Joint issue?


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June 30, 2004
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99 5.0
Just noticed this while i was in the whataburger drive through today....When my wheels are turned and i start to accelerate slowly, I can feel a slight 1/4 second of a pop somewhere towards the rear of the vehicle. Its very mild and I just want to fix whatever is causing this before it could escalate further...I only feel this under the above mentioned conditions and it doesnt seem like a slip..The tranny shifts like a champ...

im thinking it might be u-joint related due to the infamous clunk when switching into reverse from drive or park that i've yet to replace.

This is a 2wd with the LSD

Thanks guys

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when my u-joint went out, it made a vibration in the cab, like a wheel sverely out of alignment. when i pulled the u-joint, there were no bearings, they had disintegrated. don't know if that helps in your diagnoses or not.

bump for any ideas

Place a wooden block against the tires and shift it out of Park into Drive and then from Park into reverse and have someone watch the rear axle to see if there is any noticable movement. Also visually inspect the driveshaft. Check for any up & down or side to side movement.

It could also just be the stock tranny mount. They are rubber with a metal safety insert. As they age, the rubber gets softer, come to think of it, they are pretty soft new. When you put it in gear, the rubber flexes until the metal portion of the mount, still surrounded in rubber, takes over. I had the same problem for years with my 93 and never did find it, until I switched to a poly mount and noticed the sound went away.

YUP!! Been there, Had that...

Yeah mine used to do that to...I would pop only everynow and then on a turn in either forward or reverse. I checked it out and the clutch for the LSD was toast! Which meant I had no Limited Slip I was pretty disappointed when only one wheel would spin when I was out wheeling going straight up a hill...got it replaced at my local tranny shop for about 200 bucks, and stopped the pop. ;)

Thanks for the help guys, gonna check the driveshaft for play, probably have to replace the ujoints and then put some sythetic gear lube into the rear differential as i doubt it has been changed.