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Would this roll cage work?


Ole Bag
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August 22, 1999
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I cant see why this cage would not work.

They have cages built for the ranger. I figured since I need some protection in my 1992 these may work.

Ford 1982-94 Ranger Truck
4-Point Roll Bar Kit $129.99
8-Point Roll Bar Kit $155.99
10-Point Roll Bar Kit $219.99
12-Point Roll Bar Kit $272.99

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Looks like the 8 point Ranger cagew works perfect in a pre 89 BII. Not exatly the fit I am looking for but it works!

If it works in a BII it should work in the Explorer, you may just have to move a few tubes up and down....

I personally want my cage tucked in a little more, closer to the a pillars and no interference with the doors......
but for a trail rig this may be a great way to save $$$$ if you dont have a bender

I am looking more toward a custom exo cage, but for the price this could hold me for a bit on the trail rig while I finish up some of the fifty projects I have going.

I like Bill's EXO cage around the cab, but on an Explorer you would be looking at a full exo cage = yuck IMO.
Mine as well just remove the Ex body and replace with tube.

brian, i have a bender in the mail. the die is on backorder, so it may be a while. when im done with mine, we could have a "everyone go to Brian's house and build him a cage" day. get some 1 3/4 tube and i will bring the bender, welder, chopsaw, etc. it would be a helluva lot cheaper than buying one or having one made. if you want something other than 1 3/4, then buy me another die. :p

I would like to know if there's any full roll cages for the 94 explorers those one that goes all the way to the back and doesn't interfere with the backseat or me getting in and out of the truck too much