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Wow, 18's Made a Big Difference


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December 6, 2007
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2000 X-Edge
Old schooler, wheeler finds out about the new tires, ha.

I found a set of 2010 Ford Edge wheels 18X7.5 46 offset, newer Explorer rims may work as well as Mustang rims. A +46 offset minus the addition of a 1.5"or -38mm spacer = +8 offset. I mounted 245/60/R18's on them, so tire size it not a issue for clearance. I was running 255/70R16's AT's on Stock Limited Rims 16X7 with +19mm offset. The new rims are 1/2" wider with an offset that is negative 11mm (with spacer). That pushes the center out 11mm, the inner edge = 11mm-6.35 or 1/4"= 4.65mm out from stock and the outer rim edge 11mm+6.35 or 1/4"= 17.35.

I chose 18's as I wanted a pretty stock height and width tire, but wanted to keep some side wall to keep rocks off the rims as I do some camping. I weighed these thinking the AT's would be heavier, the 18's with all Season's are 4lbs heavier, bigger rims!

This has got to be the best modification I have made to my rig for what I do with it anymore. I am very happy with the improved cornering. They also have less rolling resistance with shorter sidewalls, higher pressure (30 vs 35) and the tires are all Season's not AT's. With less rolling resistance it is getting better mileage.

My lady get's her choice of wheels as her 2008 Edge runs the same spec wheels. If I get her rims. I will strip the chrome cladding and paint them black with bed liner. It's cheap and holds-up, won't chip. I pick my lady up at the airport Monday on the new wheels, will check mileage and compare it to what I got taking her out there on the old wheels at 15mpg).



Aluminum Rims.jpg
Chrome Rims.jpg

I got 16.5mpg on the new wheels/tires versus 14.8mpg on the old ones. I'm happy with that, was thinking maybe 1mpg, 12%, I'll take it!

I have the tire size set to the largest in ForScan = 265/75R15 or 30.6X10.4 658revs/mile. I had done that to run 265/75R16's. I wanted to be more accurate in calculating this Mileage comparison. I am subtracting 1.6% for the old tire size at 30.1" diameter and now 3.3% with these 29.6" 682revs/mile tires. I am going to run ForScan again and see if I can get the tire size closer.

I have used this tire calculator to compare sizes: Tire Size Calculator

I am going to run these a bit more before I decide on lowering. I have a 1" TT in the front and 1" shackle for the rear.

Ya'll think lowering it maybe 1.5" will have a positive, noticeable effect on handling?

Lowered 1", which is back close to stock height.

These rims are mine as my lady is fine with the chromy's on hers. I am fine with that as we are selling her Edge in the next few years................I just can't paint what I bought and was thinking black.............nice aluminum powder coat on them.......................................