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Wow! 3 vehicles lost in the river this weekend!!!

Ok so this is still early and no pics or videos are posted but here's story and a link to the thread.

Last week 3vehicles went up to the glacier and it was a baby cake trip. On the way out they hit quick mud and a Nissan got stuck. Attempted recoveries failed. Then several guys from the local board set up for a run Thursday to go get the nissan. This is where things go horribly wrong.

The guys assiting in the recovery were crossing a river when they got washed away. No one was hurt first off.

They were able to recover one vehicle it was only buried in the silt up to the axles. But apparently 2 nissans and a TJ were lost in the river and are gone.

3 Vehicles lost in river

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dang... some whack stuff... nkow the terrain, dont cross the waters with a light truck... and dont attempt it if the current is too fast!

Egads, what a tease without pics! Tis a breaking story though, so we must check back for them.

As soon as updates and pics are posted I will bump this thread.

thats horrible. atleast he had friends he could count on to help him out. takes a darn good friend to risk there vehicle for you.

well one pic is up

Zuk from Arizona thinks you should to air down the tires for better traction.

that's pure genius.

I don't think that type of radical thinking has made it up here to us dumbasses in Alaska.


I still dont really get the whole story.

-Nissan gets stuck
-Jeep gets stuck tryign to pull him out
-Another Nissan gets stuck on the way(or way back) to/from helping out in the rescue?

And then teh first nissan and the jeep got lost in the river(im guessing on the way back or while still stuck?) and tehn FINALLY the Josh guy in the other nissan got his out now? Is that right??

it does suck with out any pics. That would be something to see.

A write up is in the works right now. And I believe they have video of when the TJ was being washed downstream.

If you follow the Tdavis put up yes it has happened b4. And if you look at the pics closely you will see a second vehicle with axle in the air about 100 yds beyond the jeep that is being recovered

Oh and just be forewarned these guys are real hardcore a$$es. For the most part they are Army and Air Force memnbers. Paco who ripped Zuk apart is an air force pilot. They cut no one a bit of slack

crazy, and i thought getting stuck with my front wheel stuck in a dead turkeys grave hole was bad:banghead:

Ok the full story is up now and here is a pic of the Jeep when the water is down..The gravel bars in the background were completely submersed and the soft top was almost completely covered.




Well it looks like the guys are making one final attempt to pull this TJ out today using a 20,000lb winch and four other 8,000 lb winches.

Now pour a bucket of ice water in your lap and imagine yourself in the drivers seat...

Don't you airforce guys have helicopters? Just swing in there with a skycrane and pull it out! And if its not too much trouble, just drop it off in my driveway:D

Quote 2 and 3 i will quote from that site. I am quite amused. So far to where I have read to they are going to get the insurance to cover the cost of a huge driller thing.

That's a helluva story AlaskanJack!

And it isn't even over yet! I'll be watching for the outcome.

All I can say is D@MN! What a story! I cannot wait to see how it all turns out. That is absoloutly incredible. I was planning on getting in bed around 11:30, then I saw this and read through the entire story, now its ten till 1! But, it was worth it :D If there was ever a book comprised entirely of wheeling stories, that should definitely be included :eek:

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damn.. that **** sucks but noone wa shurt and there trucks were covered..\

its now 1:48am and i was going to bed at 12 till i saw that.. damn you jack!!!

time for sleep now..