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Wrecking Yard Digs


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March 16, 2013
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Woodstock, GA
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
An '04 Aviator hit a Pull-A-Part yard on the 20th, couldn't get there until today.
Mirrors were already gone and the inside was toast and scavenged. It still has the engine if anyone's in the area.

I was however, able to get the front knuckles with calipers (took only 20 minutes a side to remove them. Including the hub bearings and front axles being removed.) ($36) each, including the Caliper and bracket.

Got the rear parking assist system as well. 4 sensors, harness and module ($12.) They rang it up as a harness. I'm planning on putting this set on the front of my Explorer. Assuming they don't need the can-bus to work. This is my third Aviator set. I like them because they sit flush with the bumper.

Also took the chrome roof rack for my wife's '05 Explorer ($22.) They just look a lot better than the faded black ones.


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Nice haul! I'm looking for the fourth gen explorer mirrors for my 04, I love the look :D

Aviator front brake upgrade

If I ever get a 3rd Generation Explorer I'll eventually upgrade the front brakes to those from an Aviator. I'll make sure and purchase a 3rd Gen with at least 17 inch diameter wheels.

Another trip, another pile of goodies.

Drivers seat for my '03 Mounty. Existing seat looks like someone to a razor to it. $45
Two Aviator mirrors. Two with my Ex's red color, but drivers glass and trim ring is busted. $60
One Aviator mirror, tan, will put the busted red ones front red cover on it. $45.
Two complete Aviator back up systems, usually $6/sensor and $10/module, rung up as 6 feet of wiring. $17.94
Two 4th gen tail lights. Going on the '03 Mounty. $39/pair instead of $45 each.
Two more Aviator knuckles with one caliper for the Mounty. $41.52.


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I must be the only one going to the wrecking yard.
  • 2006 Mountaineer Tail lights.
  • 2004 Explorer black leather front seats (got tired of waiting for ones off a 4th gen to match my second row.)
  • Aviator rear sensors, (buy them when I see them.)
  • Cargo cover
  • Aviator mirrors (pearl white) for my '03 Mounty. What luck.
  • Another red aviator mirror, just because.
  • Aviator mirror switch.

Someone ruined three sets of Aviator mirrors by taking the glass.
Also, bizarre, someone is taking all the manual lumbar knobs as well as the back seat adjust knobs.