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Wrench of Doom is on and I am clueless


November 29, 2015
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Macomb, MI
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2007 Ford Explorer XLT
Hello all ... hoping someone can give me some guidance before I take my poor girl in. I know she'll have to go but I want to make sure I am not setting myself up to be scammed.

My 2007 Ex with 165,000 miles has had some odd issues over the past couple years, including hesitation/stuttering between 45-50 mph which sometimes will throw a CEL which says it's something in Cyl 3 when I have it read at Auto Zone but nothing anybody seems to be able to replicate or find anything actually wrong. So when I had something really strange happen Friday night I wasn't too worried. I also sometimes get a rough start that will throw a code that I need to replace plugs and wires even though I just had it done about 18 months ago. But she always starts and drives and anything I've dealt with is fairly minor.

That is until now.

My Ex acts like she doesn't want to shift around 30 mph (2-3?) and the RPMs climb up around 4200 and the speed keeps increasing and then she'll finally either shift with a big jerk or I take my foot off the gas and she relaxes a bit. If I do that more than twice in a row the wrench comes on as I discovered on Saturday when my husband didn't take what happened very seriously and thought he was going to use the truck to take his tools to his new job but I insisted on driving her to see if we still had a problem. I had a friend with a new code reader come over tonight but we got nothing even trying to read right after it happened. She'll also go into limp mode after the wrench comes on but is fine after I turn the Ex off and restart.

I haven't had one minute of trans problems with her and this just started out of the blue.

I am hoping and praying it isn't the trans because we just can't afford it right now and we can't just go get a new(er) replacement. If any of you have any ideas or this experience, I would surely appreciate you sharing them with me.

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You needed a code reader that will read transmission codes like forscan and then you can go from there.

Did you use aftermarket coils and plugs or oem? Premature failures are common with aftermarket and they can cause issues like you are seeing. I am guessing the V8 right?

The shop that did the tune up used aftermarket coil pack, plugs, and wires. I have the V6.

I am going to take her in tomorrow or Thursday and get them to diagnose her. Just so upset about this!

This strikes me as an electronic throttle issue. I've changed out several that give oddball symptoms, but never throw a code. The only real good way to zero in on it is to watch all of the TPS voltages, and see if they are not jiving with each other.