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Wristed radius arm qustions


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March 16, 2000
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Can anybody tell me the name of the type of joint that people use for wristed radius arms? Are these joints welded on or what? Anybody have any pictures? Is it worth the work on a lifted TTB? Help. I'm confused. Thanks.
P.s. Anybody using extended radius arms from a full sized Bronco from '88 or so? I'm looking at some Pro Comp pieces that I thought might be better than the Superlift ones. Thanks.

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Those thread were very helpful. I guess I didn't really know what wristed meant. Now that I know...Does anybody run this on this board? And does anybody know about replace the bushing end with an articulated joint? Sort of a ball and socket thing?

A few guys at RRORC are running them on their SASd Rangers/BIIs.

Just to elaborate on what RF said, a wristed arm on a TTB equipped vehicle won't work.

Cresso said it best in a post over there a while ago. "This is because the only pieces keeping the axles from spinning around whenever you apply the gas would be that one bolt sitting inside the rather large rubber bushing on each axle half. To sum up: the first time you tocuhed the gas, the axle would spin down, taking out a u-joint hopefully (as opposed to something worth a lot more - like the 3rd member)."

I suppose you could replace the bushing end of the beam with a heim joint somehow. It would require some tubing, some plate, and some welding, but in the end, probably isn't worth it unless you already have cut and turned beams, extended arms with heims, and somehow figured out how to elieviate the bind in the passengerside axleshaft caused when more than 18" of travel is obtained.

So unless you are racing your Explorer in a SCORE, CORR, BITD, etc series, it's not going to be worth your time, money, or effort.

Look at Camburg's site, they sell (heim?) jointed radius arms, supposed to help free up the range of movement in the front end cause the TTB can only pivot as far as the radius arm bushing will allow?