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wrong dipstick?


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September 2, 2011
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I just bought a 2001 explorer with the 4.0 v6. one of the first things i did was to change the oil and filter. i measured about 4.7 qts drained (lncluding draining the filter) so let's call that 5 qts. I then replaced the oil filter with a new one and refilled the engine with 5 qts of fresh oil, but after running the engine and checking the dipstick it appears to be overfilled by at least 1 qt. can someone give me the measurements on the correct dip stick (length and index mark location) as i think i must have the wrong dipstick... I've read other posts on this subject but they seem to reference a difference of 1/2 inch and i'm talking about maybe 1.5 inches. I've re-marked the dipstick's FULL location but it would be confusing for someone else to look at.