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Wrong engine?


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August 18, 2001
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2000 XTL-sw 4x4 V-6
Just yesterday I bought a 2000 Explorer and upon showing it to some of my friends they asked "which engine" is in the "X'. I replied that I have the V6 SOHC. I was quickly informed I can expect problems with this engine but NO ONE could tell me what problems, just problems! The "X" runs perfectly and appears to have no problems what-s0-ever. What are these friends trying to tell me about my engine? Should I expect trouble?..is there special maintenance I should do to prevent trouble other than scheduled maintenance? All replys welcome if not just more "hear-say". Thanks ahead of time. Question for me is..do I get rid of it now while still under warrenty or what? My email address is <flasks@csonline.net>

I have a '97 4.0 -- mine is the OHV but it has 97,500 miles and no problems. I have a friend who has a '01 SOHC Ranger and has no problems. I don't know what problems they could be referring too. Good Luck and hope you enjoy your explorer.

the earler 97-98 sohc models had recalls out and problems for cam tensioner belts and sometimes guys had to put new engines in them, anyways they pretty much corrected the problem by 2000, you'll be fine

The camshaft tensioner problem and camshaft guide problem included all SOHC Explorers built through 04/00, not jus the '97 & '98s. Ford will replace the tensioners under ONP-00M12 at no charge and extended the warranty to 6 years/72K miles. Ford will also replace the guides under ONP-01M01 at no charge and has extended the warranty on them to 7 years/100K miles.

The throttle bodies have also been problematic in that they would stick closed, requiring excessive pressure to get the throttle to break free. It could cause the vehicle to lurch forward as the throttle breaks free. Ford has issued a recall on it and extended the warranty as well.

I have nearly 77K miles on my '97 SOHC and besided getting the tensioners replaced three times and my throttle body twice, I have had no other engine related problems. I have about 15K miles on my last set of tensioners without the noise re-appearing. I also have about 40K on my last throttle body without it having stuck closed again. Ford did throw a new throttle body on my Explorer last March when I had it in for other work due to the recall. It didn't need it since I had already had it replaced about 1 1/2 years earlier due to the sticking and the sticking never came back. I have had my last two oil samples analyzed and both analysises have come back stating my engine in in excellent condition.

As usual when someone isn't too up on something and the problem doesn't directly affect them I wouldn't consider them a reliable source. It sounds as if your friends may have heard of the problems, however without researching it further, they wouldn't realize that it isn't as big of a problem as they make it out to seem. Unless they have the same engine, they wouldn't have a need to research it further. My opinion is that you have nothing more to worry about on your SOHC than you would with any other type of engine in a used vehicle.