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WTB....2 door doglegs

I am in need of a pair of doglegs for an Explorer sport. I have a 1998 model so I believe 1995-2001 will work. If anyone has some good ones off of an explorer they are parting out, please let me know....Thanks

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Your a little ahead of me, my drivers side is on its way out now. It sucks because they don't make new replacements. The chances of finding any off a parts car around here in PA that doesn't already look like your current ones might be hard. Good luck.

Yea I'm lookin for them to lmc has rockers but that's it I was looking for new ones if anybody knows if they can be had please let me know

Hey Guys

I own a bodyshop in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. I can get the left and right dog legs through one of my suppliers. They are $79.99 each + shipping. PM me if you are interested.

thats great i'm not ready yet but now that i know they can be bought new it wont be long now.

97XplorerSport, i sent you a PM.

Anyone else know of any out there. I know everyone says they are not made, I just seeing if anyone has found any recently. I wonder if a local body shop would have them.