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WTH - drivers side tire/wheel sticking out?


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September 11, 2007
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I have never seen this before - I compared both front wheels, and the driver's side tire sticks out farther than the passenger's side. The passenger side looks perfectly proportioned with the body. The driver's tire sticks out like I put on a spacer.

I looked around and it doesn't seem it was in a front-end collision. What could this be? Is it a sign of something that needs replaced or it's going to explode? Another thing, I just noticed that the driver's side tire isn't wearing even [new tires two weeks ago] the nipples on closest to the front of the wheel is nearly gone, uniform with three other tires. However, the nipples closest to the back of the wheel still exist, and is barely worn off. I need to correct this issue ASAP!

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Pics below.

Measured both sides, and it appears the driver's side is sticking out about an inch further out than the passenger side. This is new territory to me. I've never seen anything like this before. It already had an alignment a few months ago right after replacing the radius arm bushings.




I can take more if needed.

That seems normal... Most all explorers are like that the ones i've seen anyway...

i've noticed my front tires stick out more than the back. i just thought it was the way the body is. my front tires seem to point in different directions too. they were like that before and after new tires and a new alignment.

No he's saying that drivers front tire sticks out more than the passengers front tire.
Whens the last time you had an alignment? Maybe it looks likes its sticking out farther beacuse the camber is off which would also explain the excessive outside tread wear.

Correct, 91exp.

Alignment was done five months ago right after RABs were replaced.

The tires look very straight vertically. Maybe I can't tell the camber by looking at it.

Would bad ball joints cause this?

Stupid question, but it deserves looking at. Are the tires all the same size? Maybe they put one on that was a little wider.

Yea thats a good idea. also look and see if theres any tread wear on the passenger side tires as well, like on the inside.
A sec gen explorer came into work with the same thing but a little bit more noticeable but it had been previously wrecked.

A few things to try-

Measure from your wheel to the frame both sides, see if your suspension or frame is out of whack.

Look for evidence of a front end collision, your header panel especially.

And for paint overspray as well

Thanks, all. I'll do these when it's bright out -- tomorrow after work. I'll report back. But it seems like it's a straight truck. Has zero rust on it as well. Maybe they had a really good body guy. :eek:

Also measure from the frame to your quarter pannel/fender...maybe one got warped or bent, making the tire look like it's sticking out?

I went and did more some inspection. The body looks OK. The frame on the front end seems pretty uniform and everything lined up. Can't find any kinks or bends. And still had the factory undercoating. The only thing I noticed was that the driver's side swaybar bracket was slightly off, but that may be from when I removed it to replace the RABs.

The body panels seemed okay. All the gaps were uniform, spacing and leveling.

I found out when I steer a little to the right, the driver's side tire looks perfect, but the passenger doesn't. Going in the opposite affects the other side. I guess it's something suspension related?

Just did this. When I jacked the driver's side up, the tire began tilting towards inside on the bottom. Is this normal? I have 4x4, is that the effect of the weird front axle?

Just did an illustration, I feel it would explain better than a bunch of text.

This is when the steering wheel is at the dead center.


I'm beginning to think something is really WORN out in the front end. It has 142k what I believe is highway miles most of its life.

X2 and the tilting of the tire when rasing the vehicle is normal, espcially with these TTB trucks

Fell asleep and ran over a road sign in November... my right side tire was jacked. Looked and looked, didn't look like anything was wrong, it was just knocked out of alignment... just take it somewhere and have someone who knows what they're doing look at it.
Drove on it for 1 day, here's what it did...
Bald tire belts.jpg

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Thanks, all. Toe-in...that's it! I was trying to remember what it was. I'm not pleased that the thing is still out of alignment. What's more, it still rides like crap even with the new HD shocks all around. I'm thinking ball joints, or worn out coil/springs.

I'll have to go to a different place. What a waste of $80 for an alignment that didn't do a thing. :mad: But first I gotta give them a piece of my mind...