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dtl 2k2 sport

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February 29, 2004
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stafford Va
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2002 SPORT
Hey all,
I used to come on here a lot back in the day. I've tried to log on and lil pop ups are all over the place now. Anyways I'm just looking around to see if most of the NE crowd is still on here or has everyone moved away, been over 10 years sense i was involved with this group. No longer have a explorer, just bought my 15, pathfinder last year. But still love to look at all the rigs gen 2 is the sharpest imo. Anyways just wanted to say hello all and hopefully this is still the great sight i remembered it was.

Funny, there are zero pop ups for me. and I'm not a paying member. This site is going strong as ever.

Maybe due to me being on the phone. Im seeing ads all over the place. But guess they have to pay for the services. I'm basing this off my daily exp back in 2004 and few years.

I'm still here, I actually met you in person when I lived in Fredericksburg, Va. I have a few 2nd gens still, a 3rd gen and Ranger which is my biggest toy. They just redid the site about 8 months ago to "keep up with the times"