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wut kind of box?


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March 21, 2003
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hey i have an infinity referance 12'' sub with a 500 watt bazooka amp and i was wondering wut kind of box i should use. I listen to Rock and Rap, and i like boomy bass. I have it in this ****ty ass box i built that has 2 ports that are not even measured or ne trhing, and i think with a little time into it i can make it sdound better. Thanks


Find the book that came with the sub, or values for the sub from the site or something. The website has some various box calculators on it that can help you get your internal dimensions you want. It helped me a ton when I was building the box for my 8" subs, now I have the exact sound I want.

Since you're going for deeper bass, I'd try to get a box with a QTC between 1 and 1.2