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wuts wrong?


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March 21, 2003
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hey i have an aiwa h/u on the face all of the sudden one day it said "EO3" and now it wont eject my cd. I still get power and the radio works but the cd doesnt. wuts wrong?

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not to sound like a smart ass or anything, but it is an AIWA. I would almost gurantee that the HU is shot, but you can get the CD out if you take the HU apart.

if you still have the manual, look up the codes and try to troubleshot from there

Look it up on the Aiwa web site. I'm sure they have a troubleshooting section with all the codes listed.

FYI: AIWA is a sister company of Sony which means cheap internals.

If you just bought it, return it and kiss your CD goodbye. If you bought it from someone, return it to him and demand your money back and kiss your CD goodbye. If you're none of the above, kiss your CD and your stereo goodbye. Sorry, been there, done that. :(

You can always take it apart if you can't return it.