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Wyoming Trail Days - August 4-6


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August 19, 2014
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2014 Raptor
Wyoming Trail Days - August 4-6


Wyoming Trail Days, or WTD, was an idea of some local pre-runner owners to do a ROC Fest style jamboree camp out in the heart of the country. This event is a three day event with a focus on having fun, exploring the sights of the region, and starting an annual event for desert runners of the region.

Allowing all types of off road vehicles, from Raptor to Tacoma, to come play as one big community, there are two group runs planned for the event. The rest of the time is for you to go out and explore the mapped trails on your own.

The event is focused around camping on BLM land but there are hotels in town 10 miles from camp. There are 2 planned day runs for those who want a adventure run or you can explore 328 miles of mapped offroad trails. For all the details please see the main event sign up page.

Sign up on the club site at http://www.raddrives.com/catalog and click on Wyoming Days