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X Badging Removal

Wondering if anyone has removed the Explorer and/ or Ford rear badging? I took off the EXPLORER badge beacuse it was loose, but now I have to do something with the 2 small holes in the exterior liftgate. Any ideas if someone sells plastic or rubber plugs for this, or should I put some Liquid Steel-type product in there and paint over it?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Plug it if possible if youre thinking about replacing the badge. If you wanted to clean up the rear and were removing all of the badges then fill it and re-paint. I know there are some people who have done it out there.

Plug it?

Thanks for the reply. What would you suggest I use to plug it?

Sorry you may be on your own on that part. I am sure you could fab something up yourself. I wish I could recommend something. Check a local salvage yard and see if you can find a new badge.

You may be able to find some small plastic plugs to put in the holes, but if you are looking to get rid of the holes, the best way is to have the holes welded up, prepped and repainted.

I remember a few years back when I talked about removing my explorer badges, I got beat down, I was actually accused of being ashamed of my rig.

I am glad to see that we have come around.

haha, yeah, I so not ashamed, obviously, otherwise why own an X? I just like a clean look and the badge was already starting to come off...

i am doing this soon. the best way is to weld them up. however, i have done the following on another vehicle, and it lasted, so try this one...

on the inside of the hole, JBWeld a nickel to it. this will seal off the hole. next, fill in the rest on the outside with JB Weld. sand smooth, and paint. to sand such a small area without getting into the surrounding paint, wrap a piece of sandpaper around the eraser of a pencil. paint over with the little duplicolor paintcode matching touchup paint that comes in the little fingernail polish-like bottle.

in an ideal world, you would just weld them up and re-paint the entire hatch. but, this is not always feasable. either way, good luck.

Great idea! I was hoping to remove the interior backing of the hatch and get at it that way but those caps are tough to get at and seems to be a big hassle. I'm thinking about putting some of that putty steel that you can use on pipes in the holes. Once its warm you and manipulate it well and can just level it with your wet finger. Then paint and done. To be able to open up that interior trim would be perfect though...

I just looked at the diagram for the back hatch and I think I'll give it a try removing the trim.

Let us know how it works out for you, I was thinking of doing that myself.


I took the inside of the tailgate off but there isn't a good way at the holes because there is another layer of metal under the trim. I'll use some liquid metal to plug them I think, then paint it with touch up paint.