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Name is Ray
January 4, 2003
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Valley Stream, Long Island
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'97 XLT 4-dr SOHC
I guess after 11 years I'm finally ready to put some mods worth doing on my '97 Explorer. :D I've compiled some pictures that I've done recently. :thumbsup:

To start off I have already done the following:
Lowered 2" all around
Edelbrock shocks
Explorer Express sway bars
KKM intake
Honest Charlie Air Dam
17x9 Bullitt wheels with 275/55 Hankook Ventus ST
17x8 Bullitt wheels with 255/60 Hankook Ventus ST
Shaved rear hatch


  • srock front.jpeg
    srock front.jpeg
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    stock rear.JPG
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I guess the first order of business is to replace worn out parts. 11 years is a long time for a stock ball joint to last, eh? :D


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Front grill.


  • Front Grill.JPG
    Front Grill.JPG
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My main goal really is to go as light weight as possible. I know I know its a truck but hey, doesn't hurt to try eh?

Speaking of which. The easiest way to lose weight is to remove the spare tire and all that is associated with it... and then replace it with Triple A. :D

I've also have since replaced the Edelbrock shocks with Doestch Nitro in the back and Doestch monotube in the front. These are measured exactly to the amount of drop I have which are now 3" all around.


  • no spare tire.JPG
    no spare tire.JPG
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I've also realized my 17's are all but outdated. 17's were cool... in 1999. :D


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    bullit wheels 1.JPG
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    bullitt wheels 2.JPG
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Got them replaced with 20's. :cool:

These are Bullitt Wheels wrapped with Toyo Proxes 4.
20x8.5; 245/45
20x10; 275/40

The offsets puts the rear VERY closed to the inside edge of the truck. I'd say less than an inch.


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I have also removed the front diff/axle. Losing at least 100 lbs right thur. :D :thumbsup:


  • Front Axle.JPG
    Front Axle.JPG
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Looks like you were getting a little mad at that driver's side CV..... lol..

Nice job though, keep it up.

Performance mods planned??

As far performance mods go, I have the KKM intake there and that is it. I do have a Black Magic 180 electric fan sitting in my basement and a Flowmaster 40 delta flow is coming in a couple of weeks. My immediate task at hand right now is to get my rollpan installed. I have been bumperless for weeks.


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    rear rollpan.JPG
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    roll pan.JPG
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Looking good. I like the new wheels and the font grill.

Black Magic 180 electric fan is in. The clutch fan was a ***** to remove. When everything was said and done, the plastic fan blade and clutch disc were in pieces! In PIECES, I tell ya!!! :mad:

It does make a difference at first test drive. The engine doesn't feel so bogged down trying to spin that huge plastic fan. :thumbsup:


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nice explorer

Looks good. Nice work.

oh, just when it got captivating, it stopped :) This is interesting...

I have added the hood scoop from a month ago and cut the hood to make it functional. Unhappy with the result I went a step further and cut and vented the hood using the pre-existing template underneath. Now I could see the heat rise up from the hood when stopped at the light. Now THAT'S functional!!! :D :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:



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Performance mods planned??

The plan is to go as light weight as possible, get decent gas mileage (around 20 mpg), and make the X my daily driver. When the moon is just right and everything is perfect in the X~Factor household, I will go supercharger. :D

Nice work, Ray! :D The new wheels look sick too!

Can you post some more pictures of the hood vents? More specifically how the screen is attached underneath? I like how it looks.

Sorry man, I don't have one up close. But I use "kitchen and bath" silicone at Home Depot. I've tried them all and this one is by far the best one to use. I actually vent hoods on the side for my fellow s2000 forum friends. I've done about 30 cars. Mostly S2000 but I've done Miatas, an old Mercedes 300E, and now the X. :)

Some of my work.


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I'm guessing the screen is just a hard aluminum/steel screen and nothing special? Probably also bought at home depot?