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How to: XDI +30% Fuel Injector Install

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March 29, 2015
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XDI +30% Fuel Injector Installation

So this is a subsection of the larger modification section I was doing with the intake manifold, phenolic spacer and throttle body. I broke it out separately in order to highlight some of the things I learned along the way.

Here's a short intro video on the upcoming tasks:

I took my time on this install as I wanted to make sure I got everything right and not forget any steps. I'm sure in the video set, some of you may find some things I could've done better. Let me know, as I'm always open for criticism.

Here's the beginning, removal of everything:

And here is the preparation of the heads before the installation:

This is the tool I was talking about in that video:

Might be able to solve the issue using other methods, but figured I'd just get the right tool for the job. It's way too expensive for what it is though, tbh. Not to mention, the bristles definitely have a lifespan, so if this was something you had to do often, you'd be having to purchase another tool over time. Anyway, it worked well and gave me peace-of-mind so that's worth something, right?

Here's the preparation of the actual rails with the injectors, before installation into the heads:

If you find some injectors sticking into the rail itself, I used this to tool (Craftsman Lock Ring Pliers #47386) to pop it out easily:


Used the caps and plugs Uwe provided with the new injectors for storing the old ones:

Rails getting ready for the injectors:

Since it was off the engine, trimmed that hook bracket off the new HP fuel line. Just give you a bit more room to adjust it as it's not used anyway.



Also shaved down the head of that bolt it normally connects to.

Actual installation:

After this, just gotta proceed with installation of the rest...phenolic spacer and intake manifold (covered in a different thread). Although I've heard you can at least start the vehicle up and maybe idle it, I wasn't going to risk it. Luckily it's not a daily driver for me, so it wasn't a big deal to wait for Brad at AJP to get me an updated tune.

Here's the injector calibration sheet I needed to provide Brad for tuning:

Got the new preliminary tune in, did a full coolant flush and took it out for a small romp around town and man, this thing is beastly. I am doing datalogging with Brad currently so we'll see when this iteration is finalized, but I'm impressed so far.

Thanks Uwe!!!

Thanks for the writeup. My only suggestion is to add info to explain when the larger injectors are needed.
Adding 6 months to your Elite subscription:chug:

Thanks for the writeup. My only suggestion is to add info to explain when the larger injectors are needed.
Adding 6 months to your Elite subscription:chug:

Whenever you want MORE POWAH!!!! LOL...

Actually, I'm attempting full E85 capability, so larger injectors along with a few other parts will help to achieve that goal...

Wow! The complete systems approach is inspiring. Your power per pound boost will be awesome.
Eagerly awaiting numbers.