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xeek's full width sas

march 2010, first got it

roughly september 2011 i believe, 5.5/5 on stock axles. 31 spline disc 8.8. 3.73 open front, aussie locked rear, and 32x11.50


rebuilt 302 from a 79 f150
c6 tranny
2.70:1 strong box with 2.70:1 bw1356
twin stick cable shifters for the tcases
late model bronco tcase flange to make rockwell shaft bolt on
custom driveshafts

2.5 ton toploaders
6.72 gear
open diffs(depending on how it does itll i may not weld it)
lower cradle/subframe 2" .120 wall dom
triangulated 4 link front and rear, 1.25" heims, 2" .25 wall dom
FOA 2.5 reservoir coil overs
250lb/150lb front coils, 200lb/150lb rear coils

44x19.5x16.5 boggers
16.5x8.25 TWF recentered h1 beadlocks with rockrings and pvc inserts

full cage 2" .120 wall dom
front racing seats with 5 point
some kind of storage for fluids and tools in the back
gotpropane.com propane kit for the 302

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Great work so far.

been having a lot of problems with everything in life. so ive been going reallllllyyyyyyyy slow. except the few things i could do here and there without money.

but finally made progress, bought corncobbcolin's crossmember and the 79 bronco brackets.

i also made the axle a little more manageable to move around. i now have the stands on more 2" stones. i didnt like how the cinder blocks were like 1/32 wider then the jackstands base..
radius arms are also on now to. just need to drill some holes and mount the crossmember and then ill have my first flex pic :D

finally got my other tow hook on also. needed it to put it on the stands lol

next thing is i still need to have the wedgies on the axle moved inward 2.5" to line up with the coil buckets.

That's from a 1975? I thought '75's had closed knuckles and drum brakes. I found a 1975 Dana 60 that had closed knuckles and drum brakes, you sure that's not from a '76 or newer?

i have a weird one.

603472-9: 74-75 f100/f150 reg cab open diff 3.50 gears
date code looks like 12 7 3 B5. so december 7th, 1973? so i dont understand how the date could be 73 and bom represents 74-75. both printed right next to each other on the axle tube...

if its a late model that explains the disc brakes since they didnt do that til 76..
but its NOT a 76 cause they made the trac bar mount a part of the wedgie in 76. mines a separate bracket.
but for d44 it has open knuckles. i havent seen any closed knuckle ones.

im just glad its not a supercab axle. i can deal with all the other weirdness lol

LOL, gotcha. Good to know.

full bump

driver side

passenger side

pumpkin cleanance

almost full droop(brackets arent bolted on all the way so they twist downward, axle will actually touch the ground)

driver side

passenger side

im gonna say 11" of travel. since i know i can get more droop, but i want to keep the full bump a little lower for clearance

Nice. That Duff kit makes it look nice and easy. Do the coil towers use existing holes, or did you have to drill them out? Does it look like there is room to move them an inch or two forward?

yes and no. they use the stock holes, but they need to be drilled out to 1/2". as far as moving it forward. maybe an inch. otherwise the framerail on the drivers side gets all wacko and im not sure if the bucket would make it.
im just having an issue with my drivers side now. the coil refuses to stay in the bucket. :/

so front is done. 37s are mounted. besides taking it back apart to rebuild the d44. and i chipped the hub on the drivers side!! took a small piece out of it :(



a little more flexing than last time. and you can see my custom track bar haha


fitment. definitely needs trimming. and thats without a motor in there..

it had to be moved. the orange sticker on the back glass is from the city saying it was gonna be towed for being 'wrecked/junked/inoperable'. sadly my buddy that moved it for me drives a chebby. :(


its new home

god my windshields screwed up haha

then i picked up a 96 f150 8.8 3.08/open for $100





and these are the 86 f150 5pack leafs i got from the junkyard. no modifying. at full droop the shackle goes negative but easily goes back with weight back on it. and you can see where the old perches and new perches are. big difference lol.

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