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xeek's full width sas

march 2010, first got it

roughly september 2011 i believe, 5.5/5 on stock axles. 31 spline disc 8.8. 3.73 open front, aussie locked rear, and 32x11.50


rebuilt 302 from a 79 f150
c6 tranny
2.70:1 strong box with 2.70:1 bw1356
twin stick cable shifters for the tcases
late model bronco tcase flange to make rockwell shaft bolt on
custom driveshafts

2.5 ton toploaders
6.72 gear
open diffs(depending on how it does itll i may not weld it)
lower cradle/subframe 2" .120 wall dom
triangulated 4 link front and rear, 1.25" heims, 2" .25 wall dom
FOA 2.5 reservoir coil overs
250lb/150lb front coils, 200lb/150lb rear coils

44x19.5x16.5 boggers
16.5x8.25 TWF recentered h1 beadlocks with rockrings and pvc inserts

full cage 2" .120 wall dom
front racing seats with 5 point
some kind of storage for fluids and tools in the back
gotpropane.com propane kit for the 302

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Great progress man. Those header might make it a bit hard to hear your spotter or anything else for that matter. LOL

Where'd you buy the rock rings from? Trail Worthy Fab?

I would guess you aren't installing a hood with this. I would love to update my front end but, I hear the gen 2 hood doesn't fit very well. Plenty of junk gen2's around here so parts wouldn't be overly expensive from the junkyard.

It is interesting to see what you started with (stock) to now. Nice progress.

No ill have a hood. The hood fits fine. You just have to make sure you use the whole front end.
I'm only using part of it. I have half inner fenders, outer fenders, hood, and grille. No core support/radiator support. And its still in the works on how, but its gonna be easily removable so I can get in the engine bay and pull motor and stuff

Sittin on all fours. Suspension fully welded. Currently has 3" up travel and 11" down travel. Need to adjust the collars. Looking for a final 8" down/6" up.

Little bit of flex. Got plenty more left to go ;)

Just need to cut and weld up the lower bars for the cage-to-frame. Run all my wires, get the fuel system connected, and do the steering.
Its getting there!!

That rig is a beast, how big are the trails where you live? It wouldn't even fit down the access roads to the trails here, damn. Keep up the hard work man, it's really starting to pay off. Those axles look small with the wheels and tires mounted. Lol

Just think of it like this: most of the buggies running 2.5's are hitting the same trails some of us are. They always manage just fine.

Im seriously upset that you beat me to this. lol....I still want to use these for mine!

True. Except rock bouncers are about as low as a stock explorer, even with the 40-49s they run. Lol

And you very well may beat me. Just cause its a roller doesn't mean it'll be done soon. Cash is at a stop. I've got maybe $3k left in random things and its gonna take me awhile..

Yeah I have not even purchased 2.5's much less have the funds. I do have a really good plan lol

If anyone would like to help...

Gonna cost $1500 for.steering, another 2000 for all msic.stuff. i want to step up to a 460. Need a cyclone drop case. Boxing frame, more.cage work. And tractor tires, something like a 47-50" rice and.cane
Lastly is paint, spray can.job, but i have something in mind.