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Xenon HID headlights all blotchy and not any better than stock headlights?

I purchased a set of Xenon HID headlights as a replacement for my regular stock headlights. (No conversion or anything, they just snapped right into the original socket). After I installed them the light on the road seemed all blotchy, so I purchased another one (on eBay) thinking that I must of touched the light bulb when I put it in or something. This time I wore gloves and even ordered a different brand and still the same thing. The headlights were only like 12 bucks - so I'm kinda thinking there just real ****ty imitations of Xenon HID. I don't really want to get a full conversion kit for HID, but is that what I'm going to have to do if I want a bright blueish headlight? I have a 1998 Ford Explorer. If you have any opinions on any other headlight or options please let me know. I am willing to spend around $50 to get the luxury blueish looking headlights. Please, any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.:usa:

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What you got were just bulbs with a blue coating. They are worse than stock headlights. Go here, http://ddmtuning.com/products/102/ click what ever color temp you want, 9007 is the bulb size. You can get either a single beam (low beam) or a switchable bulb that will give you both high and low beam. You shouldn't need the harness and you won't need the error code eliminator. For best brightness, go with 4500K, for a bluer color, go with anything higher. A good combination of blue and useable white light is 6000K.


thanks for the quick reply. I went on the site and checked it out. For $45 bucks, not bad at all. thats right in the price range i was looking for. I just have one more question. So I just take the old bulbs I have now out and pop these new ones in and they will fit? I just want to make sure before I order. Thanks again man

add $20 for the 9007 hi lo that the ex requires. and yes its pretty much and easy swap. bulb fits right in, then all you have to do is plug up the ballest. ive got the 55w 6k on my superhawk and i love them

oh and another $10 if you want 55w just for a brighter light

This is what your gonna get and you will have to do more work than just changing bulbs.


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cool thanks guys. Is there any step by step directions that I could use. First time doing this obviously.

Just got them in the mail today and I will be putting them in later this week. Thanks again!