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Xfer Case or Extended CV Axles for spacer/UCA Lift


December 30, 2009
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Has anyone done or have experience with longer axles for the BTF lift? If not, has anyone dropped the transfer case a bit to compensate for the CV angles and length?

Maybe I am the only one experiencing this but I am sure I am not. I have 2.5/1.75 BTF spacers and UCA. Extended sway bar links with poly bushings and limiting straps installed.

My right axle pops out on occasion and I am pretty sure my CV angles are not good as I can hear the pop.

Am I crazy (YES:/) but seriously anyone else having these issues and I am open for discussions and recommendations..

2003 XLS
2.5/1.75 BTF Spacers with UCA
Limiting straps
Ext Swaybar Links

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I personally haven't had this problem, but I don't have as much lift as you do. On another note, you say you extended sway bar links. Did you make them or use something else?

What does a transfer case have to do with cv axles? The driveshafts are static joints since the differentials are bolted to the frame...
I think you mean lowering the differentials to compensate like duner's kit...
how.does the cv "pop" out?

haha, yeah, my mistake...I was actually looking at some transfer case issues as well when I typed this. My mistake.

Yes, my front diff. My right cv pops out from the diff.