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xlt center console swap problem


February 21, 2010
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camden, AR
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2001 sport trac
I bought a center console and in the process of installing it the restraint control module is too big and wont allow the air vents to hook up. Is there a way to remove this or move it? please help. thanks

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Oh ^$#@# no, don't move or remove it! It's imperative that it stays exactly like it's originally mounted. What did the console come out of? The one I took out of that Gen 2 Mountaineer may not fit with the RCM where it is in the Trac. I haven't swapped in a high series yet so you're running into issues I don't know about yet. I haven't had time to mess with the ones I took out last Friday yet to look at any potential problems, as you're seeing.

it come out of 2000 explorer. the guidance on the swap via the other forum writeup said or showed nothing about a big restraint control module is this something that is not common that i have?

I unbolted mine and just moved it out of the way to bolt the ac duct up. I didnt electrically disconnect though. then I bolted it back to the floor.

and mine is a 2001 sport trac 4x4.

this one is different than the ones i have seen people do conversions on it stands about 2 inches off floor and is about 2 inches thick and covers half of the air vent when bolted back down that is the air vent you change to allow air to go to console. not the console vents. idk how to post a pic or i would.

Yeah I know what vent your talking about. I had to buy another vent to replace the one on the truck. I did the high console conversion. As far as the console, what year console is it and what did you get it out of?

yep that is the website i used and i have the vent that came from the explorer. is there a different vent? this is agravating as i put the money into this and it doesnt look like its going to work out.

That website project says "I had to unbolt the control module on the floor and slide it to the side, to get good access to the bolts and get the old and new ducts in and out. These bolts take a little patience but can be conquered"

I already pointed out his potential problem. The A/C duct looks different than the one for the sport trac. he is going to check it and make sure they are the same part number which i suspect it isnt.

hope he gets it installed. I would love to have AC vents for the rear of my truck but I cant cause I have the gear shifter in the way.

yes it is a different housing the one that is on the how to link. I talked to my local ford parts guy that i do alot of work for and he says its not readily available and only showing one in the states. But my concern now is if i get the new housing i dont think the air vent in the console will line up being they run up against the floor. anyone with any insight on how to make this work out of a 4 door explorer?

and i have the housing bolted down and i understand what he was saying in the how to. its the housing vent exits on the floor not a few inches above the floor.

I stopped at the shop and looked at the two consoles on the way in just now. I didn't have my camera but I'll go back and photo the differences, there ARE some. The black vent duct in the console is shaped different on the end, Explorer to Sport Trac. I'll post a photo in a few minutes.

One thing to consider though, in all fairness, is that in the project both consoles were Sport Trac consoles. Personally I too thought the Explorer console would work but I haven't tried it out for myself.

Aint' gonna work .....................................as is. Here is the difference in the air duct, made to accommodate the crash module.

I didn't resize purposely so you'd have no trouble seeing the shape of the two ducts. Gray is Sport Trac, tan is Explorer.

Here is the piece you need to connect the console to the truck HVAC.

Actually the piece on the heater looks very much like what you need. What did you remove from it? I believe the main issue is that console 2 piece duct. See how it recesses to avoid the RCM?

I may be able to help you out a bit though.

as many explorers that are in junk yards and people doing the swap i would have figured that this would have came up already and been noted. i have been working all afternoon trying to ghetto rig somehting up. the wiring harness is different so im trying to get the fan to work with the switch and such. i dont know if im going to get it to work or not. hate i spent all the money and it probably isnt going to work. I talked to my buddy who runs the ford maintenance here and he said to relocate the RCM just make sure it is pointed right and secure to floor i shouldnt have any problems. Any insight to that?

plenty of explorers around in junk yards but no sport tracs. I cant find one so guess its back to stock bs. damn that sucks i was wanting one so my newborn would get some air back in the back. too bad all i could find was a tan console and my interior is dark gray with the black floors and seats so i fusion painted it black so its probably junk all together. idk maybe ill rig somehting up to work.

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My gray Sport Trac console is broken up more than I thought it was. I can take the ducts out, as well as the wiring harness and you can put it in yours. I think I have enough stuff to make yours work if you're interested in the mod.

IMO, possibly causing an air bag malfunction isn't worth a console. I just wouldn't move a crash module.