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XM Question


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May 7, 2003
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97 Explorer Sport
I just got a SKYFi Delphi XM Receiver for my birthday and i just wanted to know what else i needed to get it all up and goin. I know i need an antenna. Also im planning on getting an Apline HU w/ XM ready, so does that mean that i do not need the FM Modulator?

Other then the antenna and activating the service for the XM and the Head Unit what else do i need to get this installed?

Thanx alot

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XM HU or aux display unit with appropriate sender to HU

sounds like you have it covered. XM is pretty darn easy to install if you've done any audio before.

well if you are going to get a alpine unit then you don't need the Delphi unit anymore.. The Delphi unit is pretty much used for stereos that aren't Sattellite ready. Also if you do get the Alpine, Alpine only has one unit that is truley XM ready. All the other units require you to purchase a seperate XM tuner.

Essentially to get it up and running you need a

Car Kit - If you have a cassette player than this is all you need. If you have a CD player than you will also need to get a FM Modulator.

FM Modulator - this is used if you have a cd player. This goes inbetween the car antennae and the radio. Plug it in select the channel and you orr and away.

Thats it.. Should run you about $40 - $60 for the car kit and $30 - $40 for the FM Modulator. Thats what it took for me to get my Delphi unit up and running..

Thanx guys, I dont know if im lookin at the same Alpine unit but all i know is it says XM ready not the one with the XM already in it...Its only like 150 bucks..I also want a new HU cause i need one mine is ****. So what is the tuner that everyone is talkin about? I saw NusenseSD that u said that i will need the tuner if the HU is not truely XM ready, how do i figure that out exactly, maybe ill go to circuit city or best buy tonight but as of now id appreciate the help..thanx

Some HUs have the tuner built in, but some need the external tuner. A HU can be "XM ready" and still require the external tuner. The HU just has the settings, display, etc for XM.

I have a Pioneer HU with external tuner and antenna. 3 parts. Simple. And that way you can get another HU of the same brand and use the same tuner.

That I know of this is the only tuner that is XM Ready.


Alpine 9820XM

The only thing that you need with this radio is a antennae.. The tuner is built into the radio where the others would have a seperate module that you plug in to get the XM signal..

Very nice HU; too bad it doesn't play MP3.

since I got my delphi unit I haven't listened to a CD in a long time.. Of course before that my stock radio was nice since it does play MP3's..

On long road trips I like to listen to Books on MP3. I can get the whole book on one CD rather than the up to 12 normal CDs.