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XM Radio and Pioneer HU


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May 28, 2002
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99' EB Expedition
I have a XM Commander FM Modulated through my stock HU. If I buy a new Pionner HU thats XM Ready, the commander will work, correct? And will the Pioneer display the song and artist like on the XM? Or can I just wire it to the Pioneer and still view the Artist/song on the XM's face?

I hope that wasnt too confusing, I just want to improve the sound quality and keep the XM's display working.


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I believe the XM Commander can only be FM modulated, so it works the same with any HU. If you get a new HU and want to still use the XM-C, it won't sound as good as a new Pioneer XM tuner. Though everything will sound better.

Sorry, but the better thing to do would be to get a Pioneer XM tuner to use with the new HU.

It has "Audio outs" on the XM-C "brain" cant I just run that into the auxilary inputs on the Pioneer?

I didn't know the XM-C had those, didn't list them in the specs.

So yes, you can do that. Just your HU won't control the unit, it will work as it does now.

Thats all I want it to do....
Ill see if I can get a pic up of the Outputs.....
gimme a minute or two to find one...

and then you can tell me if that will work


You can see the two holes for audio... I think they say L and R.... they are empty right now in the explorer as I have it FM Modulated......

But I think thats all i would need to do..

Whacha'all think???

As long as your new HU has RCA inputs.

ALEC.....as it will;)

Silenze, thanks....... Ill see what kind of HU I can fine on ebay.;)