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XM Radio


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August 9, 2005
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1993 XL, 1991 XLT
how many people like this? i found a pretty good deal so im debating on getting it but not sure how good it is.. i mean the price isnt bad what i found free reciever & shipping just pay the first months service(12.95, 13.60 after tax) anyway was just wondering thanks!

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IMO Sirius is better. I've had both. I was constantly channel surfing with XM just to find a song I liked. On Sirius I leave it on 1-2 channels 95% of the time.

NaplesBill said:
IMO Sirius is better. I've had both. I was constantly channel surfing with XM just to find a song I liked. On Sirius I leave it on 1-2 channels 95% of the time.

Same here... Had both, prefer Sirius programing over XM.

i have both also but prefer Sirius tho music programming is way better the only reason i keep XM is just for NASCAR till 2007 then it gone completely.

I would suggest doing the trial over the internet. Both services offer a free internet trial that allows you to listen to their music channels to see if you like it.

x2 on Sirius. I've listened to both, but I love Sirius. Well worth the money.

thanks for the input i'll dig a little deeper... just thought that was a heck of a deal.. considering i looked at staples and they're selling just the recievers for 100+ bucks.

I have XM. Love it. Would never travel without it again.

I did XM for about three months.
I have had Sirius for ten months now.
I like Sirius MUCH better.

Either will spoil you wrotten though.

Why is serious soo much better? I'm not into sports, so that doesn't make any difference to me.

If its worth it I may switch if I can find a reciever like the Roady.

IAmTodd said:
Why is serious soo much better? .
Sirius ( note spelling ) ( it is a star or something :rolleyes: )
I liked the music line up better mostly. Sirius has " hair nation " which is late 80's metal ( Bon Jovi, Quite Riot, Def Leppard ) XM doesnt ( didnt ) have that.

duh, I knew that. DON'T SPELL THE WAY IT SOUNDS!! lol

I agree that it's the music that makes it better for me. Sirius has a better Rock selection. Also, as stated in my previous post, when I had XM I was constantly searching for a song I liked. XM has what some call deeper playlists but for me it was just deep doo doo. I didn't like more songs than I liked. It's all preference really. You can do a trial online. Also, DirecTV has XM for their music channels now and Dish has Sirius.

BTW, the older Starmate radio is very similar to the Roady. The newer Starmate Replay is the unit of choice right now though. If you really want to spend some cash the S50 is amazing.

I just looked at the line up of radios and the prices are insane. I won't be switching anytime soo. And just realized that my Roady2 lost its value by over $80 lol.

There are plenty of deals to be had. Of course XM is practically giving their units away right now and Sirius can't keep them on the shelves. Check out http://www.siriusbackstage.com

I took the bait... free XM reciever(w/built in FM transmitter) free shipping and all i paid was the first month.. granted i have to keep it for 6 months but what the heck. thanks again all!