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Xman98's elite thread!

Hey guys late July early August I sent in my check and became elite. Now i'm finally making a thread. Feels good to give back to the site. You guys have helped me a lot, taught me way too much and I enjoy the forum a lot.

I got my X as a stock 1998 Black Ford Explorer XLT in the winter 05. I got my license exactly 4 months after my b-day and was driving by the end of my junior year of high school. A week after school ended I found the site and started reading and learning about the X, since then there’s been a lot of changes. I have also recently joined NEX.

List of things I have done
•Hunter brush guard
•Baja lights on the brush guard
•New IAC
•Painted engine caps, and center engine cover-red
•Tires were balding so I got some Bridgestone Duelers (235’s) nothing big until shackles and body lift appear in my garage, hopefully over the summer
•2 more lights on stock roof rack http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=166273
•X bound seat covers
•Got a EF sticker on back window

•New hood hydraulic struts to lift the hood
•Tested the ricer look with some Chrome Altezza tail lights

•Sony X-plod head unit

•Gray floor mats and a stock gray cargo cover off ebay
•Center console mod

•Got a new windshield

thats not me^^
•Removed the lower front valence
•Westin sportsman taillight guards- just ordered this past week:thumbsup:


What you guys think so far?

Looks good...Keep up the good work!

Wheres your NEX Decal?

haven't got one yet, i will at some point.