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January 7, 2001
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91 xl 2dr
anyone here with a sony explod in their explorers,, I just bought one for a nice price, and 2 pioneer 6x9's, this sound ok to you guys? I only spent about $126 on it... pretty good or no? Thanks alot for listening

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For that price, its not a bad deal. Sony is ok, it just costs more retail for really no apparent reason. You might have to do a little mod work to fit 6x9's in the door 6x8 openings, but I think you should be fine. If you have a DD size dash opening, (Double Size), you might want to consider adding a cd player to your new head unit. These cd players look like regular head units, but are only a cd player, much like a changer mounted elsewhere. That would take advatange of the DD size opening.


Why put another cd changer on top of one? I will just slip in my deck and hope shes fits good...

Sean P.S. are the pioneers good?

Didn't know if you had purchased a cassette or cd head unit. A cassette head unit and the aforementioned cd player gives you a 3-source system. WHat model are the speakers?

I wouldn't recommend Xplod your more just paying for the sony name i work at ABC warehouse we got a "mickey shores car audio" and i heard all the xplod stuff they destort way to much at high volume.. If you wanted to go cheap and good go Polk Audio DX series or Orion

I believe he's referring to a Sony Xplod head unit when he says he got "one".

Trapper are you referring to $126 for everything or just the head unit? The Pioneers are pretty good as entry level speakers go. I think almost everyone starts off with them here unless they snoop around here ahead of time. They'll definitely be a big improvement over stock!

I have PIONEER 6x9 TS-A6549 SPEAKERS, and I took out the stock speaker right behind the driver and passanger seats and I am gunna have some trouble mounting them there, any ideas? Thanks
Sean P.S. I think I would put them here instead of the doors.