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XplorerKid's '91

Welcome to my Elite Thread, My name is Caleb Hartline, I Live in Winter Haven, Florida, if your ever down in florida hit me up and might get together or something. Hope you like my Explorer ive put alot of Blood Sweat and Slamming or throwing tools across the garage into this. I have also learned ALOT about Car in general From my Dad, Brother, and all the Members of this Forum. I do not know everything, but im learning alot. I try to do almost everything my self, or with the help of my Brother or Dad. I do all my Own work, only thing i dont do is Mounting the Tires and Balancing, if it wasnt for balancing i would do them to. Hope you enjoy and thanks for Checking it out....


1991 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD
4.0L V6
Auto Tranny(Crappy A4ld)

-4.0L OHV
-KKM Intake- Road
-Custom Snorkel- Offroad
-Dual Exhaut with Flowmaster 40
-Flex-a-Lite Black Magic Electric Fan
-Been through two Radiators
-Bosch Plugs and Wires

Tires and Wheels:
-Robb's Special 15x7 Wheels(aka unknown)
-31" Wrangler AT/s

-Herc below where original trim was
-Front Tube Bumper
-Whip CB antenna, on custom Bracket.
-Spare Tire Carrier(sometimes)
-4 Tow Hooks, one on each end of each frame rail
-2 Hella 500 Lights, 2 more soon

-Missing lots of trim panel screws
-Soon to rip Carpet out and Truck Bed Coat the Inside

-No Radio Right now
-Kenwood 6x8"s
-CB Radio

- 3" Body Lift

Wrecks: :(
1: At Gas Station Dude in front of me , throws car in reverse and Backs
Straight into me.

Damage- Paint Scarped off my Bumper, His had a Broken Tail Light

2: On Trail ride, haeding back, when the Fool behind me is speeding through, person in front of me got stuck in the sugar sand, i stopped, Jeep behind me didnt stop fast enough.

Damge to me Bumper Poped up, fixed by jumping on it and tightenign the bolts back on. His damage none :mad:

3: Raining one night, Car in front of the car infront of me slams on brakes, to make a turn, they have to wait though since traffic was coming. Well car infront of me slams brakes and swerves and misses, i slam on breaks and try and swerve, but my brakes locked up.... Oh did i mention the road was WET and it was raining :rollseyes:. So i plow into the Back of a 2004 Toyota SUV, cant remember the Make.

Damage to me is a messed up front bumper, and a screwed up fender. Her damage Plactic Bumper messed up side trim and her back hatch wouldnt open, still gettign fixed but estimate was over 2k..... I pounded my fender out, not the best looking but i beat it up offroading so what the heck, and making a tube Bumper....

Thanks for Checking out my thread!!!


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Here is what it looked like when i got it, these picture were takin the day after i got it after i had given it a good bath..... Sorry the pics suck but, yea, oh well...


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Here is a list of Modifications i have done, but i later found them stupid and took them off.

-Strobe lights- Front head lights, and Tail Lights
-Strobe light that flashed under front end of truck
-15" Neon tube behind Grill(blue)
-Blue Dome Lights
-Bug Shield, Came with truck but i painted it, and i finally took it off
-4x4 stickers from Discount Auto, Were cool at first, than Everyone and ther mother had them
-Sound Systems, First was a Cheap POS, second got stolen, 3rd i got tired o worrying about it, so its hooked up to my Surround Sound in my Room.

This one didnt look stupid, was Cool, but caused to many problems.
-Flex-a-Lite Flex Fan Put one through the radiator for no reason, than another one went through my radiator while offroading and go to deep in water.
Solved this problem with an Electric Fan.

Im sure theres more that I am forgeting and I will update as I Remember

Also here is a Picture of the Explorer Still stock, but with new tires, 31" Goodyear A/Ts, No lift and no other real mods.


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Here are Some Pics of the spare tires i used on my truck. Right now it is off, To tel lyou the truth i dotn know why. :rolleyes: I jsut like to change things around, cant stand staring at teh same old thing everyday.... Plus it just ratles to much. but im thinking of putting it back on but figuring a way to secure it better....

Link to a Thread with more info on the Carrier, and my Car Break in(happened on the same weekend)


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Damage caused when i rearend the Toyota:


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We pounded the fender out, since i will most liekly be recieving even more damage offroading, so whats the use in replacing it. I did build a tube Bumper for the front of my truck. Me and my brother built it outta 2" DOM Tubing and soem 1" DOM Tubing. THe two main bars are 2" and the Prerunner/light bar is 1".

I dotn have an pics of it yet due to my camera gettign stolen but here is the pounded out fender and some progress pics of the Bumper. Its done now but jsut not painted, ill try and borrow my bros Camera one day this week...

PS- Dont pick on the Chicken Sandwich Sticker, :p its Now gone only sported it for bout month, its my Nick name in the offroad club, but now its replaced with a T.R.U Offroad Sticker....


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I wanted to remove the Trim on my truck, it was aprt of the De cgromign stage, well in the process it took soem paint with it... I already had paint below the trim chipping from rocks and other stuff, so i just decided to go ahead a herc it below the Trim line.....


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Here is a Picture of the Bumper Almost done, this is using the stock Ford Bumper Brackets, i was assured that they would be strong. WRONG! so we made soem custom brackets. One reason we also wanted to use the stock was the adjustability they had but oh well, with soe mcarefull measuring we got these bumper brackets to moutn the bumper right where i wanted, and also moved it closer in to the body than the stock brackets provided.

Crappy pic, but gives you an idea, like i said ill get soem better pics this weekend....


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Wow this thread ahs gotten all out of order :banghead:

Oh well hope yall dont mind, I could fix it but it means changifn the pics and typing in every post and thats alot of work to do at 4am....

Here is a Junction Box Type Deal my Bro made so i could run all of the breather lines to one central unit. It also sports a Ricer K&N wanna be crankcase filter.(not pictured) To keep dust out and make it hard for water and Mud to rush in...

I have three Lines running to this, Trans, T-Case, and Front Axle. The rear axle i have the breather line running to inside the back of the truck..


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Been through 2 Radiators and 3 Fans on my Truck, I replaced the original becuase it was all cracked up and i didnt want a flan blading breakign off on me while traveling at 60mph.... So i put a Flex-A-Lite Flex Fan on. This required a Special Adapter, a 2" Spacer(recommended by Flex A Lite) and the Reverse Rotation Fan. Well that fan one day whel jsut out crusing on a clay back road and goig nover a bumper went through the Radiator, So on went a Non Flex A Lite Brand Flex fan, also got a 1.5" spacer to move it away from the Radiator some. Much better fit now. So on my First offroad trip with TRU Offroad(local 4x4 Club) I did good the whole day till we decide to fo play onlogn the edge of the lake. Well where we out there are lots of Air Boats launchign and what nots so lots of hidden holes in the water o nteh way out. I folled a Jeep on the way out, THe first thing i shoulda done was turn around when i seen it swallowed his 35" Tire, Note im on 31"s me being dumb follow him. Whew made it out there. On the way back in took same route this tiem fan acts up i dunnow why, bends the blades and into the radiator it goes. Thanks to the great guys in the club we patched up my Radiator with some Putty that turns into stuff liek steel it got me home and driving around that week.... I still carry that radiator and a the flex fan(bent it back out) incase i mess up this radiator or my electric fan goes out.

Last pic is the way we had to take on the way out to get to the edge of the lake, Not till we got done fixing my radiator did we notice the gate that led out to there.....


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RedNeck Snorkel

Here is a Snorkel me and My Bro came up with, Im sure its nothing new, but ive never seen it done, and first ive ever seen on here..

When hooked up, only on trail rides, it pulls air from the Vents on the Dash, It also has a Filter built in to prevent objects from coming in.....

Link to a thread with more Info about the Snorkel


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Next view post will have Pics from one of my trail rides. This one was at Holopaw in Florida, It woulda been a day with more fun if my truck didnt coem up with a wierd nose that day.. So i couldnt push it as hard, IE: going in the mud as deep as i usily like to. This problem was later foudn to be a Vacum line that had broken off :rolleyes:

Never once had to get straped up that day, but my Tow Strap was hooked up just incase :cool:


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more pics


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Electric Fan

I Got this electric Fan at a great price, Free. I wanted an electric fan for my truck but after seeign the price i gave up, till i was talkign with my dad and he said i ahev one for the s-10 that ive never used, but i dunno if it will work. So i ask him to get it out of the shed for me i look at it, Look at the pictures on the net, yep sure enough same exact one, only difference was the moutning brackets. But we ended up Making our own so that wasnt a problem.

First Pic shows it installed on the radiator, second is an overview of the Engien with it installed, and 3rd is the switch panel for it. I can leave the switch in the middle position and it works with the thermostat, up(green LED) its is always on, Down(red LED) always off, the off is used for water crossings and that type of stuff....


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Well got soem pics of the finished bumper: this is only a few but ill get the rest later, Also is a picture of my Wanna be skid, plate, it does what i built it for. Its made outta Expanded metal, not the thin stuff, the thick stuff, cant remember the thickness off the top of my head. I built it to keep branches and other objects from sticking up and grabingn the trans mission lines and what not, like i said, it does its job.


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Bumper looks awsome. When are ya getting bigger tires man? Those look like doughnuts ;)

IAmTodd said:
Bumper looks awsome. When are ya getting bigger tires man? Those look like doughnuts ;)

send me some $$ and i will, i was workign out a deal to get soem 33" TSL's but now the person that was gunna buy my wheels and tires has said he needs a few weeks, so hopefulyl the dude with the 33"s wont sell them before i can get my money together.... But trust me its in the process, along with a visit from Dr. Sawzall to clear them :)

Explorer is no more :(

Keep in eye open for my New Registry thread with my new Rig...... :thumbsup: