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yakima basket


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March 4, 2005
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canastota,new york
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'98 sport
i was wondering what a good asking price would be for a yakima loadwarrior basket. it includes two mountain bike mounts, wind fairing, cross bars and towers( towers for an amigo). i just use the basket on my factory cross bars, someone could buy a pair of towers and be good to go. this rack is used. it started to rust on some of the screw holes and water got in and did little damge, nothing to be concerned as far a looks as its on the bottom facing the roof. won't harm structure at all as they are samall rust spots. i've sandedblasted, primered, and put two coats of rustolium on to make it pretty. so all in all it's in decent shape and appearence so whats a good asking price.

i'd say whatever you can get somebody to pay!!!

Your best bet would be to put it in the for sale forum and ask for offers. If you get one you would take then there you go.

Just keep in mind alot of times people will pick up something on the spur of the moment if it is a go deal. If they are looking specifically for what you have, then you might be able to get a little more $$ but the pool of potential buyers goes down and the sale will probably take longer.

and you could always throw it on ebay and find out in a week just how much it was worth to somebody :thumbsup: