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YeEeeeeeHaaaaAaww!!! First Offroad ride with my truck!!

The 255/70/16 is a 30.3 in. tire, you shouldn't have any troubles with this but if you try the 265 of your ram and it rubs a bit like me, you'll be sure it will be alright with the 255.

Alright, got my cragars in today, hopefully adding the rubber tommrow....

But one question..I definitly want center caps...which cragar center caps fit the soft 8 16 x 7 with the 5 x 4.5 lug pattern?

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yea i was looking at that, but I cant seem to find any for the Soft 8's...

I dont think they make one specifically for the soft 8's. I think you only need to measure the center hole of the rim and look for the center cap that fits. I think the 3.3 inches is the one that goes in... You insert it from behind the wheel and it sits there... it's not clipped-in.

dothedeww what is your offset on the wheels you have.

sorry for sounding stupid..but what number is that..

I got the 16 x 7's with 4" backspacing...

looks like u had lots of fun and nice pics

Got the news ones mounted...waiting to put them on...



can you get more info on your brush guard? im very interested in it, looks good, and ha bet you had fun with all that mud in your rear bumper, time for a set of mud flaps.:D

I bought the brush guard from Hunter Truck Parts. They are on ebay an I got it for less than 300$ shipped!! It's fairly easy to install and I only had to bend a little bit of the top mount to get the hood closed but that's it... and it did a really good job off road protecting my front bumper!!

They dont actually :p I had to have it shipped in watertown to a FEDEX location and travel there to get it! :p Gotta do what you have to do! ;)

Looks like fun!