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Yellow Ranger Edge SAS (phase 1)

Well so far im about 2000$ into the swap but things are going very well. Ive just finished putting my fornt axle together minus the locker. Im going to hold out and find a used ARB or wait until i can get the same Electric locker front and rear. Here are some pic's of the axle.
Not all the $$ is into the axle some of is in the hydro assist steering and the onboard air system going on.
I know its not the biggest axle but it will do what i want it to. After the Chromoly Axle shafts it should be done.
This way i keep my abs up front, HP, same bolt patern as rear just what i wanted. Still waiting on some other fab parts but ill keep you guys updated.

High Pinion Dana 30 from a 93 Jeep XJ with 4.88 gears
new 760x u joints, ABS, Sloted Rotors, New Calipers, Ceramix Pads, Billet axle seals.





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looks nice... keep up the good work;)

Whats the progress at now.?

his axle's forsale on JU... looks like thats the end of the progress, kinda a bummer an edge with a SAS would of been pretty slick

Where is the axle for sale?

yeah i sold all the parts for the SAS to jeep guys and such. I need a bigger rig for my family so the ranger has to go, and explorer wont be big enough to pull the trailer i want so ill be getting an Expo