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Yep, a Ranger is capable!

Ken Cooke

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April 18, 2000
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Riverside, California
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'03 Rubicon - Tomb Raider
I was trying to sell my trailer to a Jeep fan from Lake Arrowhead (who lives near T-6 or Deep Creek/Dishpan Springs) today, and we got to talkin' about trucks. He drove down from the mountains in a Grand Cherokee - a nice vehicle, but one plagued with electrical problems, or so my father & mother tell me...

Scott began talking about my wife's Jeep. Talking about how much he admired it, and how capable it was with it's 2.5" lift and 31" BFG KO's. I then told him that this YJ couldn't out wheel my Ranger with the same size lift and tire. That because the Ranger weighs more and has a longer wheelbase, it can handle more difficult runs than my wife's Wrangler. One example I gave him was both vehicles on the RockHouse Canyon Trail in Joshua Tree which has been closed.

Scott told me that with 35" tires and 7" combined body and suspension lift he can run Dishpan Springs trail with "no problems." He then pointed to the tires on my Ranger. I corrected him when he stated my tires must be "31's." "Nope, they're 33's" I told him. I also told him that I completed the Dishpan Springs Trail and crossed the T-6 (Deep Creek) water crossing under Ranger X's careful guidance. Scott was flabergasted! He couldn't believe what I was telling him! He told me, "Welp, I just sold my '97 Ranger so I could buy my Wrangler. I bought the Wrangler and then I dropped $6,000 in modifications into the Wrangler to make it trail ready." I told him, "In that Ranger, you can run all of the difficult trails in Big Bear." He finally told me, "Welp, I guess in your Ranger, you can do alright on my Jeep Trails ."

I just hate it when they always have to call trails "Jeep Trails " Thanks again Ranger X for helping me get through Dishpan Springs - I sure convinced this guy that the Ranger is indeed a capable trail rig...