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Yes another lift question...


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June 3, 2009
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'92 XLT
Before I start let me say I have searched...and searched...and searched :) But my question is a little more specific.

Rather than doing a 5.5" superlift which was quoted at over 2 grand for me, I was hoping to do an SOA with stock leafs and a 4" rough country lift with F150 coil spacers.

My question is; how much "play" with the geometries will I have with the 4" rough country lift? I mean if I add the coil spacers will I still be able to get all the angles right and get it in alignment?

I was looking and if I were to buy the 4" Bronco II lift kit directly from rough country, it would cost me $680 bucks after shipping. The same kit for the explorer would be almost $900. Then just do SOA in the rear with my already sagging leafs?

Also if there's already a kazillion threads about this exact thing, then forgive me. lol I thought I searched enough. :rolleyes:

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well I cant answer your primary question but I can tell you that SOA will probably be all the lift you will ever need in the back, even with saggy springs, SOA is 5.5 inches! On the off chance you do want more, you can always do shackles or a AAL.

Might be better to move this thread over to the lifted section. I'm sure you'll get a BUNCH of responses if you post it there.

Ya that might have been a better idea. Do I gotta re-make the thread or can a mod kindly move it for me? :)

And I believe SOA gives between 4.5 - 5.5" of lift, depends on how sagged your leafs are. So I'm voting I'll get 5" at the most. Depending on how much rear lift I get, I may not even put F150 spacers up front. I'll just run SOA and 4" lift on the front with 31's till I have the money for bigger tires, then I'll add the spacers and maybe new leafs or AALs.

An SOA will give exactly the same amount of lift on any car regardless of spring saggy-ness, your springs do not affect it, they will be in the same position, while the axle will be below them instead, the only variable, is what brackets you use, the superlift p#1160 or the custom weld on type.