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Yet Again...Spark Plugs


January 9, 2003
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Los Angeles, CA
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1994 Limited Edition
I know this has been mentioned on the site in the past but I had an experience to relate.

I took my 94 Limited to the shop (good guys, I trust them and they know I do a lot of work on the ride myself) and they asked about the new plugs I put in. I just changed the wires and plugs, installing Bosch platinums (the single for 1.99). The shop guys said Boschs shouldn't be used in Xs and I should use what Ford recomends.

Question is, are these good plugs to use, or should I go with Autolite or Motorcraft?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Many have had problems with bosch plugs, many have not. But what's sure is that you will NOT have a problem with the OEM motorcraft plugs. Those "in the know" normally use them.

Thanks...that's the kind of imput I was looking for!

I'm pretty sure the Autolites are the same as the Motorcraft plugs. Just labeled differently.

section525, not sure about the explorers but I can tell you autolite and motorcraft plugs are definately not the same. I try to stay away from anything made by allied signal afte rhearing so many bad reports about there various products (Fram, Autolite, etc.). I replaced mine with Motorcraft double platinum's. Have heard of many problems with the Bosch +4's, though I had them on my explorer and had no problems (but didn't notice any gain either)

Autolite and Motorcraft plugs are not the same. Motorcraft's are made of different materials and a much better design.

I tried Autolite plugs in my X, didn't have good results. About the only plugs that work well in this engine is the Motorcraft plugs.