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Yet another V8 Swap..

Got most of the PATS wiring done today, adding another picture hopefully! Hope everyone is safe and healthy!!


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On yesterday's picture, I should have gone on to say that I have everything ready. Today I actually started the install on the PATS piggyback and have the key Halo (plug & play, no cutting or soldering required due to pulling entire PATS wiring harness from the main harness) and the two wires that splice into the obd II harness..

First I cut back the wire insulation, being super careful to not cut any of the actual wires, then used a pick to separate half of the bundle to insert the new wire from the PATS..


After inserting the inch of wire from the PATS into the opening from the pick, I pinched closed the opening and wound the wire "tail" back around the bundle


After wrapping the "tail" I then soldered the connection (I was using a butane torch and the wind was making it super difficult to control the flame & some of the insulation got crispy)


So I cleaned up the singed insulation and finished everything with marine grade heat shrink with the adhesive liner.. this is the same process for a few more wires that'll finish up the PATS..



I'll be starting a write up on this build soon, still ironing out the missing bits.. strange how this write up reminds me of taking notes in school.. hated it then, but it's fun on this!!

Anyhow, be safe everyone, more to come!!

well done, that is similar to how I wire them in also.....keep it up!!
Who is really doing all this work?
You or the dog????? hmmmmmmmm...... gotta love shop dogs, so loyal

I just read this whole thread
Keep up the good work you have a real pro helping you @410Fortune
enjoy it I know he is

tbh, starting this project, I was super confident, now, I have taken a sloth-like go no-go approach to what steps I take..
I have received a bunch of advice and support from members here, and I email @410Fortune as if he was tech support..
If I had the extra cash, I would buy his families ST!! A truck literally built on blood sweat and tears!! If I ever get to meet ya, there is a few cases of beer or a few steak dinners heading your way!

If it wasn't for everyone here, I would have just tossed in another 4.0, babied it while completely rebuilding another 4.0 to my standards, to still be unimpressed, and jealous of everyone who had the ability to take on the 5.0 swap solo..

First, I picked up a donor with the wrong return style fuel system, to have nightmares about something not working right.. So after picking up parts upon parts, I still picked up another donor, an '01.. luckily, I've found more info on using the '01 as a donor due to the return style fuel, and basically bolt in/on nature..

I realize this build is bandaid yanking torture slow, however, this is my wife's truck..
and however good, or mediocre I am with a wrench, she scares me more than "burning my hand, with a torch, while heating up exhaust mani nuts" if something (other than covid closing our notaries) prevents me from being able to return Olive to the street.. Olive is an anniversary present to Lavinia, and I'd rather have done the 5.0 swap in another ST prior to butchering Olive, however, budget had a stiff "no" on that..

I believe I may still need some parts, and m major roadblock is finding someone who hasn't cut up the 5.0 exhaust for the scrap cats..

At this point I'm looking at buying another donor because I can't seem to find all the aftermarket parts to slide under the $500 "factory" exhaust w/catalytics price tag that I've found..

if anyone needs parts and would need something from an '01 5.0 minus the exhaust, I'll buy the donor and deliver whatever you want..

Besides, if nobody needs parts, another parts pony in the stable??

I'd like an '01 5.0 engine delivered to me, maybe some nice leather seats too.

what you need is the factory 5.0 down pipes with primary converters and the 4ea 02 sensor bungs
Have those been hacked out too?

After that it is pretty easy to attach to the factory exhaust if needed? Just two straight 2.5" tubes
Some SOHC engines have a dual inlet single outlet muffler, this works great with the 5.0 down pipes.

Remember, our sport trac project is not done yet either!! Its waiting on me to wire up the dakota digital speedo adapter...I think I finally have that sorted out........ look for that to happen this weekend

You are doing great! Once the conversion is done and the bugs worked out you will get YEARS and YEARS of faithful service from a 5.0 sport it is WORTH IT!!!

So, new development in my collection of Parts..
I'm not ready for the price tag on the torque monster headers yet! :O
however, what I do have are options..

The 1998 donor that had a bbk intake also has this exhaust


And the '01 donor had this!


The first is a stainless, or an alloy I believe, and the second is cast, for sure.

i assume that the first is the superior of the two that I have on site, and will make the jump to the torque monsters, eventually..

anyone know what the difference is on both of these sets? Second set being factory?

im trying to locate numbers however those I think are long gone..

Thanks for all the writeups. I'm near the same spot you are. I had a 98 AWD explorer that was my donor. 5.0 had 274k on it so I had it rebuilt. Shop bored it .030 over. New pistons,etc. Motor is in the truck and I just finished up fixing some mistakes. I put the motor in without the exhaust attached last fall, winter hit and this spring tried to put in the exhaust but no way. Drivers side is a royal pain. So pulled the motor, attached the exhaust and dropped it back in. Damned thing is in there really really tight.

I got a crossover pipe from Summit along with a dual in and dual out exhaust for true dual exhaust.

Couple of things I learned. Motor mounts. If you look really closely the 4.0 are the same as the 5.0 but are on opposite sides. So if you don't have a full donor just take the drivers side out and mount it on the passenger side. :)

Also take your time. I live in Mpls and I pulled everything from the donor and wasn't paying attention and was getting some nasty looks from neighbors so I had the junkyard pickup the donor remains. Stupid me left the transmission bracket for the line in the donor. Must have been when I was cleaning up that I tossed it in there. Oh well U Pull has one of these so of to the junkyard I go.

never get rid of the donor until the swap is complete! LOL I know that would be in a perfect world

You can install exhaust manifold on drivers side you just have to move the intermediate steering shaft

You can drill one hole in the drivers side 5.0 engine mount plate and drop the 5.0 right onto the v6 mounts, just fyi.

Hey y'all, a **** ton of progress has kept me from getting on here, but I have some time today to get some of my updated info to y'all..

I'm glad I had two donors, the better of the two engines was a replacement and still has the hash marks in the cylinder walls.. the second of the two will be getting installed in the next few days just to get rolling.. I'm tired of getting depressed from all the outgoing money, still finding rides to work, and killing myself with hours put in with the slow return..



Wire wheels, rust dust, and it is getting a dry bath..


Coming soon..

When I hit this point I decided to replace the oil pump and do a mild refurbish, I'm not cracking the heads, but the valley pan gasket needs replacing..

So, while I am tossing the parts grenade at the engine, I've started getting ready to go through the engine bay to prep for the second of the two engines..
I'm about $500 needed for the engine rebuild, and the second drivetrain is just hanging out, so I am going to finish prep of the truck and toss in 2nd set to get on road and troubleshoot while building engine..


Without everyone on this forum, I would have never attempted this swap, and would have settled for my off-road rig.. (soon to receive the same 5.0 swap)

I recently sorted out the VSS wiring on our 2002 sport trac project and figured I would share:

I recently sorted out the VSS wiring on our 2002 sport trac project and figured I would share:

My man, you are the golden goose, and reading my mind! On down time I've been looking up exactly that solution.. I'm getting so close that I can hear the 5.0 rumble BLOCKS away and I'm driving my family crazy pointing them out..

From this experience, I'm probably going to pick up as many donors as I can, and just start building them.. seems like enough people want them, but don't have the time to get one together..

Anyone know of online applications for small business investors? I'm in one of my moods and need to talk legal details.. I'm only 38 but have no debt.. not even to snap-on!! Haha..

My mind is exploding with the possibilities, and I'm going to put my hands on some tools and put your link on the big screen..

Need time to contemplate how big I am ready to let my "shop" grow..

Thank you @410Fortune I am very grateful for everything!!

Keeping everyone in our prayers, be safe out there!!


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yeah buddy! we are like minded.
I have built a private shop doing exactly that, any my place is back in the woods at the end of a road next to a river completely off grid :) Solar and generator powered!!!

Sport tracs are a special market, do not expect them to fly of the shelves! But the 5.0 has a big following and the sport trac has a big following too so they do move through the shop. Rangers are most profitable, tracs second, sploders third

yeah buddy! we are like minded.
I have built a private shop doing exactly that, any my place is back in the woods at the end of a road next to a river completely off grid :) Solar and generator powered!!!

Sport tracs are a special market, do not expect them to fly of the shelves! But the 5.0 has a big following and the sport trac has a big following too so they do move through the shop. Rangers are most profitable, tracs second, sploders third

It has been to long since I was here :( another life situation happened and I was forced to put all projects on hold.. until now ;) I am finally tossing out the clutter so I can get focused!! luckily I bagged the motor and kept it out of the moisture so I can pick up where I left off..

I will have pictures for y’all soon..
I hope everyone is doing well & had great holidays!!